Sunday update

Today was a church day. The kids skipped last week because I wasn’t home and Nathan was too exhausted to get them out the door.

Audrey slept on the way to church. Our trip to church took a little longer than we planned. We had to slow down for some road work right as we were leaving town and then a few miles down the road, we ended up on the same route as a triathlon. They were doing the bike part of the race. I’m sure it isn’t normally that big of a deal to have hundreds of bikes on this particular road, but since Hwy 7 is closed for miles, the road the bikes were on was a little more busy then normal. They don’t close the road to traffic so there were hundreds of bikers and cars going both ways and trying to pass the bikers. A little tricky to pass since the line of bikes extended for miles. The cars would pass a couple and try to get back into their lane before hitting oncoming traffic and without running the bikers off the road. Why didn’t they reroute traffic for the safety of racers and the drivers? I don’t really get it.

The longer drive resulted in Audrey sleeping a little longer in the car. I think that’s one reason she refused to take a nap today. This is what she looked like at 5:00.

She was snoring in bed before 6:00 (I think that was the time).
Ethan found a water gun in a Target advertisement that he HAS to have. I told him he could. The catch is that he has to earn it. Here he is working for his water gun.

He has lots and lots of work left to do before he earns that elusive toy!

Evangelizing from beyond

Wow. This is really something.

You can upload documents to this site to have sent to pre-selected email recipients in the event that the rapture occurs. So, you ask, do they have non-believers running the site to push the “red button” when Jesus comes back? Nope.

In their own words:

We have set up a system to send documents by the email, to the addresses
you provide, 6 days after the “Rapture” of the Church. This occurs when 3 of our
5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period.
Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the

What if they all just happen to lose internet or something else keeps them from their computers? And what if they weren’t truly believers and the rapture happens and they miss it. . .

Favorite Things

Ethan’s favorite things:
Fruit snacks
Watching Caillou
(it’s on pbs). Every night before bed he tells us he has a secret. Every night it’s the same thing: “When I get up, I’m going to watch Caillou.”
Playing outside
Swords (you didn’t think we had any in the house, did you?– well, we have spoons in the house and sticks outside and random other objects that become swords.

Audrey’s favorite things:
Playing like she’s going “night night”. She will get her blankets and arrange some pillows on the couch, climb up and lay down and say “night night”. She does this many times a day.
Playing outside. If anyone even mentions “outside”, she immediately says, “Side” and goes and tries to put her shoes on.
Putting things small toys into bags/containers/bowls

Getting settled into a better house cleaning routine

I’ve been feeling motivated to streamline my housecleaning process. I’m using most of the ideas from Fly Lady. I don’t subscribe to the email reminders because you get about 15 a day and it drives me crazy. I do check the site where it has the daily reminders.

There are certain things I do every day:
Clean the counters/sinks and do the dishes (morning and evening)
Wipe the counters in the bathrooms
Clean the toilets in the bathrooms (it’s amazing how easy this is if you do it every day)
At least one load of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
Spend a few minutes putting things away in an area that seems to keep collecting more and more things!

Then I do some things that are specific to a certain zone that I’m working on for that week. One of the neat things about the zones is that the site has a ton of specific things written for each area of your house. Here is a link.

I also have chores that that I do just on a particular day, but it’s too detailed to go into and I got most of it from the flylady site so I’ll let you just check it out yourself.

Last weekend

It was a busy weekend.

Friday afternoon was crazy. I discovered the carpet in the basement was damp. Upon further discovery (opening the storage/utility room door) we found the source of the water. One of the airconditioner hoses came detatched. The result was a huge mess. Nathan came home a little early. I tossed a few things in the garbage and gave some instructions to the babysitter. I had set up to have Katarina (a girl who lives a couple blocks away)come over because I was leaving early to meet some friends for a scrapbooking weekend. Even though Nathan was here before I left, I still had her come over so he could get some stuff done without worrying about the kids.

There were 7 of us who stayed at my dad’s house for the weekend. One more person joined us for the day on Saturday. We completed 80 scrapbook pages, watched lots of episodes of The Office, ate good food and stayed up too late!


Have we told you about Morty? This isn’t a picture of him, but it’s looks a lot like him. Morty is a sparrow who was learning to fly. He wasn’t very good at it. Every day he would end up somewhere in our driveway. His mama should have told him that was a poor choice. We were very careful not to run him over. Nathan could ocassionally move him back to his nest.

We talked about him. Nathan named him Morty. We don’t really know if Morty was a boy or a girl. Yes, I used a past tense verb to refer to him.

I loaded up the kids in the stroller yesterday. As we were about to leave, I thought I would go and see how Morty was doing. As I walked over to him, I noticed some blood. Then I noticed something more disturbing- his head was several paces from the rest of him. I called Nathan and left him a message that sounded like this: “Nathan, I have two words for you. No, I have three. No, just two. Morty. Decapitated.”

I used the word “decapitated” because Ethan wouldn’t know what it meant. In about two weeks or a month, I expect to hear Ethan say, “Hey mom, what’s “decapitated”? But, for now, I’ve just told him that a bird bit Morty and he died.