I feel like I’ve lost the battle with Ethan

Every day seems to be a battle with Ethan. I’m so worn out by his disobedience. It’s the talking back and arguing that it making me crazy. It’s hard normally, but when I’m sick it’s so much harder to stay on top of everything.
It’s 8:30 in the morning and he’s already been sent to his room once and spanked 3 times.


About a month ago, Ethan’s friend, Matthew (he’s in the middle in the picture), started to not feel very well. His mom noticed that he was looking a little yellow. After 3 weeks of every other day trips to the doctor for blood work and measuring his liver, they pretty much exhausted every possible test they could do to determine what the problem was. Matthew’s liver has been getting larger this entire time and some other enzyme (I think) levels have been much higher than they should be. Last Friday, he had a biopsy done and they are hoping to hear the results this week.
This is a very big deal. Please pray for Matthew. Pray that God would heal him. Pray that the biopsy results would either reveal that he’s getting better on his own already or give them a definitive diagnosis that is treatable.

Prayer Request

Please keep John Stumbo and his family in your prayers. John is the Sr. Pastor at Salem Alliance Church in Oregon. His children and neices and nephews have recently attended Crown so I am familiar with some of his family.

Earlier this month, his muscle enzyme levels started rising causing muscle pain and weakness. Steps were taken to remedy the situation. After seeing improvement for a few days, he started to get worse again. He now has a serious blood infection and his body isn’t absorbing all the fluids that they are giving him. I read in one update on their church website that he has gained 50 lbs of fluid in the past week. As of the last update, his kidney function was a concern. Here’s a link to their church update page if you are interested in reading more details.

Please lift him and his family up in your prayers.

UPDATE (4:21pm- Monday)The latest post on the Salem Alliance site sounds very good. John is making great strides. Thanks for your prayers.

9 weeks

I never did get around to getting any photos taken of myself since I posted the last one a couple of weeks ago. The light will be bad when Nathan gets home tonight. So, I’ll have him take one tomorrow morning.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I need to not wait until I’m miserably sick to take my medicine. I had a bad night on Wednesday and that was enough for me. So, I’m taking my pill(s) first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon if I think I might need them. Yesterday was so much better when I followed that routine. I think I’ll stick with it and hope I wont need more than a couple more refills.

Some of my early pregnancy bloating has settled down a little and I’ve lost a little weight from being sick. I’m down about 3 pounds from where I was when we found out we were expecting. One of my books says that the baby is about the size of a medium sized olive right now. I love how they always use food to describe the size of the baby.

My first OB appointment is scheduled for December 16. I’ll be about 12 1/2 weeks then so it shouldn’t be a problem to hear the heart beat. They also do a full physical work-up and take lots of blood at that appointment. I think it’s the longest of all the OB appointments that I typically have. The other ones are real quick unless I have questions.

I’m planning to finish some laundry today. Nathan has been working hard at keeping up with house stuff while I’m sick. Now that I’m feeling a little better, I hope to take some of that load back.

Feeling a little better

I’m still feeling a little better. Thank you for praying. I’m still getting sick, but I’m not feeling overwhelmingly sick all day long. Food actually looks kind of good to me. Now, I’m just trying to figure out the right amount to eat so I don’t get sick.

Monday night was week 10 of the Daniel Bible study that I’m in. We’ve learned so much. I’m very proud of all the women who are persevering and doing the homework. Last night, I told them all that we’re having a baby. When we prayed at the end of the study a couple of the women prayed for me and it was such a blessing. I was really touched. It means so much to have that kind of support.

In other very exciting news, we’re going on a little “vacation”! I had been eyeing deals online in hopes that Nathan and I could go somewhere to get away. We had wanted to do something for our 5th anniversary, but we never got around to planning anything. After finding some pretty good deals for flights and hotels to go somewhere south, I decided to look at options closer to home so that all 4 of us could go together. So, very soon, we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.

It will be perfect for Ethan and Audrey. The indoor waterpark is included in the cost of staying there and has lots of things appropriate for young kids. It is a balmy 84 degrees! There is a storytime for kids at night- the kids come in their jammies and get a story before bed!

Feeling a little blue

Our whole family was ready to head out the door to a birthday party tonight and I ended up sending them all and staying home. My tummy was hurting. I’ve got a nasty combination of things that are causing my digestive system to practically shut down: pregnancy naturally slows it down so you can absorb more nutrients, I have a tendency to have irritable bowel trouble, I’m having a hard time handling fluids without feeling sick so I’m probably a little dehydrated, and my medicine that I’m taking for nausea also causes tummy troubles. Fun times. That was probably too much information, but that’s my reality right now. Believe me, I could have shared much more. I’m showing restraint!
This has been really hard emotionally. I feel bad admitting this, but I’m definitely experiencing moments when I wonder if it’s worth it. I know that sounds awful. I’m only 8 weeks along and the end seems so far away. Please pray for my physical and emotional strength.