Dear Cold,
I am tired of having a running, stuffy nose. I’m tired of not being able to sleep well. I’m tired of worrying that when I try to blow my nose and I can’t get any air to even come out that I’m accidentally doing the very same actions that one would do to birth a baby (mom’s who have given birth, maybe you know what I’m talking about– you know the part where the doctor tells you to hold your breath and… well, you know. Plug your nose while trying to blow it sometime and you’ll see what I mean). I’m not ready to have my baby yet. I need to wait at least 16 more weeks and probably longer. I can’t take Sudafed because it keeps me awake for two days. I don’t own a netti pot. Should I get one? Why am I asking my cold this? Anyway, you’ve overstayed your welcome. Go away now.

Dear Ethan,
I love you. If you don’t figure out that Mommy and Daddy are serious when we tell you something, you will be spending a lot of time in your room. Alone. I know you don’t like being alone. And, while you are in your room, I will be watching your favorite shows on Playhouse Disney and eating all your favorite snacks. You don’t want that, do you?

Regarding The Biggest Loser:
It looks like the battle lines have been drawn. I’m glad that brown team wasn’t eliminated. I’m glad Joelle got her act together and finally worked hard. I can’t wait to see how the at home teammates did next week! Happy that one of the guys on the black team was able to go home for the birth of his son. I cried. I’m pregnant. I do that. I think Ally is very cute pregnant and I wish I looked like her. I can’t wait to be able to work out again. I’m going to drink some water now.

25 random things about me

1. I lived in the same city from the time I was a baby until I graduated from high school. Most of those years we lived in the same house. That house is for sale, if you’re interested (mls listing).
2. I have worked at 5 different companies. All but 1 of them has since gone out of business.
3. I have been to Disney World. Uncle Dave wanted to take his family. I have no idea how he convinced my dad to spend the money to go. It was the 4 of us and Dave and Tami with my cousins, Matthew and Christine.
4. My grandmother on my mom’s side says my name (Amy Beth) came from the book “Little Women”. My parents say that wasn’t their inspiration.
5. I didn’t try to get my driver’s license until I turned 17. I passed the first time.
6. Right now, I have a cold and it’s making my left eye water.
7. My favorite meal at the Cheesecake Factory is Pasta da Vinci.
8. I have been in an ambulance 2 times.
9. I have 2 children and 1 on the way. They were all “planned”.
10. I knew Nathan for 4 years before we dated.
11. I have been lonely quite a bit lately.
12. We have no credit card debt.
13. I just sent Ethan to his room.
14. I read the Betsy-Tacy books when I was little and I loved them.
15. We didn’t have a TV in our house from the time I was 4 until I was 17 except for special ocassions when Dad would bring one home from work.
16. I went to a tiny Christian school from 1st-12th grade. We were small enough that for any activity to work, all the kids had to be involved. So, I was in vocal ensembles, Christmas dramas, student council, volleyball and yearbook. Even though I did lots of different activities, I still don’t feel all the confident in my ability in any of those things since we were such a small school. If we were bigger, I probably wouldn’t have been good enough to participate.
17. My step-grandma only has one eye.
18. I was voted “shyest” kid in school when I was in 1st grade.
19. I had a Cabbage Patch Kid named “Althea Ginger”.
20. We live too close to the elementary school in Winsted to be able to use the bus. If Ethan goes to kindgergarten here, I will have to drive him or walk with him (towing along the two littler ones) to and from school.
21. I didn’t have any pets growing up.
22. Shopping malls make me tired.
23. I have had my tonsils and adenoids removed.
24. I have had mono.
25. I’ve never lived far enough from my parents that it would be long distance to call them.

Bonus unscheduled belly shot

Do I look like I’m shrinking? I think it’s a combination of the “slimming” black and maternity jeans that are sucking in my belly. They worked a little too well and I had to ditch them for pj’s early this evening because my tummy hurt. I actually laid down and kept track of the time wondering if we would be making a trip to L&D at Ridgeview. 10 minutes later, I felt better.

Ethan and Audrey

I love these photos! I think it shows just how far removed they are from babyhood. Those baby days that seemed to last forever are gone. Now I have cheesy grins and kids playing in toy boxes needing little help from me.

Ethan amazes us almost everyday with the way he thinks. He’s been talking for so long that his talking really is the thing that characterizes him to me. He explains movie plots in painstaking detail, tells me about how we get milk from cows (the entire process from farm to fridge), says, “You’re wrong” sometimes when I tell him he has a consequence, and, the other day, announced that he likes the taste of caffeine because it tastes like “yummyness” about 5 minutes after declaring himself a genius. He also loves snuggling.

Audrey is all about dressing up. She likes to pick out her clothes, will randomly pick up clothing items off the floor and put them on over what she is wearing, likes to wear her snow boots in the house, and she loves hats(see above photo). She really likes to play with dolls and playdoh. She declares her love over and over: “I love you mama”, “I love you papa”. If Ethan is getting in trouble, she thinks that’s a good time to tell me she loves me! She thinks she needs a diaper change every time she passes gas. She announces that people are naked if they don’t have the amount of clothes covering them (if Daddy is just wearing pajama pants, someone is wearing shorts,….)

19 weeks!

I’ve made it to 19 weeks! Only one more week until our ultrasound.

Babycenter.com says that Baby is about the size of a large heirloom tomato and is about 8 1/2 ounces. I’ve been feeling lots of movement. I can’t wait to find out what clothes I need to save for this little one. I’m getting very anxious to sort clothes and get rid of stuff and set up the nursery. I’m starting my lists of things I need to do!

Monday visit to the cemetary

Monday, January 19th was the one year anniversary of Mom’s death. We made a trip to Fort Snelling to visit the gravesite. Ethan was fast asleep in the car so we left him there while Nathan, Audrey and I walked through the snow. It was so cold! I wish we could have stayed longer, but I’ll save that for another time when the weather is nicer.

It’s hard to believe it has been a year already. The days keep going by like they always do. That’s the way it should be, but it seems strange. When I snuggled with Ethan before bed, I told him all about all the things the Grandma Henning did that showed that she loved him. He loves to hear stories about himself so it was neat. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, but it was nice to have a few people acknowledge the date as significant.

Baby names

I’m looking for ideas for baby names. Let’s hear your ideas for names that sound like they fit with our current names: Ethan and Audrey. Should we stick with vowel starting first names? We’re not going to actually tell everyone our choice until the baby is born! And if you already know the ideas we’re kicking around, don’t list those!

Audrey is singing “Hallelujah” right now. Isn’t that cute?

Pregnancy update- 18 weeks

The whole family went together to my OB appointment yesterday. Having a family doctor has it’s advantages- like having toys in the exam rooms! Once the toys lost their appeal, tongue depressers kept the kids happy.

I had a late day appointment. Those are always a gamble. Sometimes doctors can be running behind by the end of the day. Yesterday was great though. As soon as I checked in at our station, my nurse told me I could come right back. No waiting. I’m back up to my prepregnancy weight and my blood pressure was good. I always worry about the blood pressure which tends to work against me since I should just relax so they can get a good reading! Found the heartbeat right away. It was 150 and she found it right where I’ve been feeling movement. 150 sounds like “boy” to me! She measured me at 17 weeks. Within normal range for being 17 weeks and 5 days. My due date was changed last time to June 19. I thought it was changed to the 18th so I’ve been off by a day for a month. On Friday I’ll be 18 weeks.

I asked her a few questions about my past deliveries. She told me that she thinks I don’t really feel early labor like most women. It’s not that I have such a high pain tolerance, it’s that it presents differently with me than traditional timeable stomach pain. With Audrey, my hips hurt. I thought they were going to pop out of joint just a few hours before “going into labor”.

Our ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 2 at the hospital. The next OB appointment is on Feb 18.