Prescription for a Dance Party!

Nathan and I were feeling a little out of sorts last night and Ethan had already been sent to his room when I decided it was time to have a spontaneous dance party in the kitchen. I turned the music on and Audrey and I started dancing. Then Nathan ran to get Ethan out of his room and we all danced crazy in the kitchen. Lots of spinning, jumping, and random arm movements. We felt a lot better when we were done. I recommend it!

This was our soundtrack:

Children’s story at our church this morning

Our kids are too timid to venture to the front of the sanctuary for kid’s Bible time. They hang out with us, but they still take it all in. Today, the woman was telling a story that talked about ducks. She brought out her decoy and showed the kids. She told them that it wasn’t real and that was part of what it meant to be a decoy. Then she went on so explain that hunters use them and put them in the water to get the other ducks to come so they could . . .
She trailed off there and it was apparent that she had taken this story a direction she hadn’t intended, but she had the little innocent children waiting to hear why the hunters used the decoy. She had this very apologetic and pained look on her face as she announced to the children and the congregation that hunters use the decoys to attract other ducks to they could “shoot them”. The adults all started to chuckle. Not that it was funny to go duck hunting, but we knew that she didn’t mean to get into that with these preschoolers! She had another point entirely and did a great job of wrapping it all together.

On the way home, Ethan saw a bear carved out of wood. He told me it was a “decoy”. “Mom, that means it’s not real. It’s fake.”

Happy Friday!

I woke surprisingly rested this morning. I went to bed too late and kept Nathan up by chatting like I was at a slumber party, but I must have had enough sleep! I ran last night. It felt really good to get out and run. I hadn’t run outside since Saturday. I had run on the treadmill on Tuesday and it was awful. I felt like I redeemed that horrible experience by running outside last night! Are you tired of hearing me say that I’m still trying to figure out how to keep my heart rate low? Going on a route with hills makes it very difficult at my current level of fitness.

Isaac is napping! He has been napping for 1 1/2 hours. Yah! I’ve given him a blanket to hold while he sleeps. I think it helps. It also keeps his hands occupied enough that he isn’t grabbing his paci out of his mouth. Silly Boy! Audrey swapped pillows with me today. She has mine and is napping with it right now. There is a princess pillow on my bed. She wants me to sleep on it. I think I will tonight. I’ll probably take a photo to share with you.

I love Ethan!

We’ve been playing in the sink a lot lately! You can see evidence in the recent photos I’ve posted. Ethan is doing a little better. Maybe I should say that I’m doing a little better. I’m not letting him call the shots, but I’m saying “no” a lot less often. As an at-home mom, I need to remember that part of my job is to do some fun things with my children. If they want to play in the sink, why not let them? Somedays they have to wait until all the dishes are done, other days, I just clear a spot for them. The dishes will get done later. The truth is that I’m not too busy to play with them. I just get bored doing the things that they want to do. I don’t really want to build a fort or many of the other things Ethan and Audrey want to do. I am finding that it’s less likely that Ethan will completely melt-down when I say “no” to something, if we’ve had some positive interaction earlier in the day and he has been able to do some things that he enjoys. As a mom, my job isn’t just to teach my children that they need to obey those in authority and leave me alone so I can clean the house. It’s also about spending time getting to know them, developing a strong relationship with them, and enjoying them.
Sometimes I’m afraid that by posting about Ethan’s bad behavior, those of you reading will start to treat Ethan like a “naughty” boy. I don’t even know how to explain that, but I’ll try. Ethan may have a strong will and he may do some very naughty things, but that’s not the whole story of Ethan. He’s so smart. Every mother thinks that about her first-born. He might be a little smart though. He can define gravity for you, have conversations with his daddy about how vision works with the eyes and the brain, figure out math and language games on the computer all by himself, and he thinks it’s interesting to watch YouTube videos on cake decorating. Ethan can also be very sensitive. He takes care of Isaac when he’s crying and I’m not in the room to give him a toy and one time, when Audrey was sad, he offered his blanket to her to make her feel better. There are a million other things I love about him too.