Vacation Photos- Part 2

I had to take a photo of this sign. It says, “Even The Water is New!” This is right at the entrance to the Tommy Bartlett Water Show on Lake Delton. Two years ago, due to flooding in the area, a road that was part of the dike wall (Lake Delton is a man-made lake) eroded. It caused most of the water to empty out of the lake. It was rebuilt a year ago.

Here is a view of our master bedroom. There is a nice little deck outside our room.

Audrey and I on the couch in the living room. That’s a murphy bed on the left (it’s folded up into and looks like a pretty closet).

On our last day, we spent the morning in the indoor play area.

Isaac and Audrey hung out in the toddler play area.

And right as we were getting ready to leave, the rain came.

New Baby!

Welcome to the world, Elliot!

Gabe and Teresa Hendry had their baby son yesterday at 11:12am, 2lbs, 6 oz, 11.5 inches long. He was born at 29 weeks and 1 day. That’s almost 11 weeks early. Pray that he’ll gain weight and strength quickly and that he’ll be able to breath easy without the help of the oxygen tube. He was breathing on his own at birth, but it was labored so they are giving him a little break and helping him conserve energy by giving him more oxygen.

You can see photos of him here.

The beginning of the end of naps

Audrey has been fighting going to sleep at night for awhile. It seems it’s time find a way to shorten or get rid of her nap. When she takes a nice nap, she will keep popping out of her bed for several hours or she will lay there awake for a really long time. She’s just not tired at night. The transition will be challenging, she gets so tired in the afternoons. The good thing is that it’s no trouble falling asleep at night, but she’s so cranky and emotional until we get there.

Instead of sleeping in her bed in her room in the afternoon, I’m just setting her up with books, a pillow and blanket on the chair in the living room. She will still fall asleep, but not as long as she would in her room. I’m hoping that little bit of sleep will help up survive until bedtime.

Love & War: Week 2 (Nathan)

Days…and then weeks…got away from me. Sorry everyone. Without further ado, here’s my 2nd chapter writeup!

Chapter 2: Love and War

If this were a CD, chapter 2 would be a title track. I didn’t actually realize the chapter was named the same as the book until I just typed the header above, and having done so, it actually puts the chapter in an even clearer light. Chapter 1 was written to drive home their status as real people, with a very real marriage; chapter 2 begins the real meat of the book.

Much of the chapter focused on showing the correlation between marriage and the overarching story of the bible. Right away, they point out that the bible begins and ends with marriages — first Adam and Eve in Genesis, then Christ and the Church in Revelation. Marriage is very important in the Bible, and there is a good reason for this. They explain that marriage is a very clear picture of the relational nature of God and that marriage is actually a passion play, depicting the relationship between “Jesus and his beloved” (34).

The title of the book (and chapter), “Love and War” is a reference to the idea that marriage, like the story of the Bible, is a love story set against a background of War. God loves us, and the Bible shows how he pursues us, but it also reveals that this pursuit happens within an ongoing battle for the hearts of people. The stories of our marriages are set within this same world, written “by the same Author” (35).

I like the idea that in the light of the challenges presented by life in this imperfect world, “marriage is meant to throw the balance of power on our side” (30). More than just being a means to understanding the love God has for us, marriage is actually a critical aide to our success in life — Amy is it with me, and together, we are stronger than we would be alone.

But, marriage is dangerous, too. Although it sets up husbands and wives to support each other through the battles of life, in doing so, it makes us vulnerable and makes it critically important that we take marriage very, very seriously:

Pause a moment; take a deep breath. Let that reality sink in a little deeper — you are the human being who plays the most significant role in your spouse’s life. It is not your spouse’s mother or father. It is not your spouse’s favorite teacher, author, or pastor. It is you. It is a sobering truth, isn’t it. You are on holy ground. You matter more than you thought (38).

It seems a little bleak to look at the world as a battleground, but we people are wired up to thrive in the face of challenge. We want and need to “fight some great battle together.” (31). It’s exciting to face that and know that Amy is by my side.

Another Cyber Sabbath- or not

This morning we quickly discovered that it’s impossible to stay away from all email and internet for a day for Nathan. The power went out  at Crown and the servers all went down. When we were driving home from church, Nathan and I were discussing how life has changed in regards to people’s perception of  computer “down time” and how that relates to the fact there is no time that is sacred.

It wasn’t that long ago, that a Christian organization, or at least the people who worked there, would not expect someone to leave their place or worship or skip going altogether, to head in to work. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. There are lots of on-call jobs. You expect a doctor to be on-call. That’s someone who is dealing with a person’s health and life or death issues. It’s just so crazy that we’ve gotten to a point that when someone cannot access their email for a few hours or a website isn’t working, it’s a major emergency. Times have changed. The power went out, the servers went down and several people had to leave their family and church commitments so that the email and website would be working properly. That left at least one wife and toddler stranded without a car or carseat (not our family).

I was reminded that Nathan got called away at a more critical time a few years ago. I was in the hospital just hours after delivering Audrey and Nathan got a call that something wasn’t working properly and his boss wanted him to come in and assist in getting it fixed. At that moment, I really wished Nathan was one of those directors that just “managed” everything and didn’t actually know how to do every job in the department. So, off he went and I sat alone in the hospital feeling sorry for myself (in between visitors– I think Gillian and Erica both visited that night!). I should have just been thankful Nathan had a good job, but my postpartum hormones got in the way.

Isn’t it interesting that we’ve gotten to a point in time when people (myself included) don’t think it’s acceptable for technology not to be available 100% of the time or at least it’s not acceptable when we aren’t warned ahead of time. Think about how that relates to the generation that is growing up right now. If they want access to some data or information, they have an expectation that they will not have to wait for it and that it will be there just for the asking.

I don’t have any idea how this post ended up going in this direction and I’m not even sure what my point is! 🙂

What should the moral of this story be?

Our Saturday

Superhero Birthday Party for my cousin’s little boy. I told Ethan to smile when I took this picture. Not sure why. This would be Obi Wan Kenobi incognito as Spider Man.

And a little cleaning. This is the result of deciding which TOYS to get rid of. There is another bag in the garage. These are just stuffed animals. They breed, I swear!