Happy Birthday, Audrey

Audrey had a great birthday yesterday.

She was so excited as we counted down the days. We had cupcakes and cake (at her request). I didn’t make anything fancy, but it was yummy.  We bought her some Fancy Nancy slippers. She also received a package from Nana and Grandpa Fritz. It arrived right on her birthday. Perfect timing. Today she is wearing one of her outfits she got from them. In the package from them was also a jewelry making kit. Ethan and Audrey have loved playing with that. They both made me necklaces today.

I have a 4 year old daughter! I’m so proud of her and love her so much. We are blessed to have her in our family.

I’m hoping for a slow, quiet day. So far, my day hasn’t started that great. I went to do my 5 mile run this morning and I fell at the 1.5 mile mark. I got up and kept running. It didn’t bother me very much until I got home. The adrenalin protected me! Once I got in the house and cleaned my wounds, I started bleeding a little more. I really scraped up my right arm and hand. Other than the fall, the run felt good. My heart rate was a little higher today. I think that’s because I was tired and had the extra stress of falling. It was in my acceptable range, but I would have liked it to be a little lower. I should have started my run a little slower. My mile splits were pretty consistent. They only varied by up to 2 seconds. I just should have slowed the whole thing down overall. I need to remember that my heart rate creeps up slowly as I run. It takes discipline to run the endurance runs slow enough sometimes. I need to keep reminding myself that it’s the best for my overall progression and performance so that I can recover well and avoid injury (unless I fall, that is!).

I’m going to sign off now and make sure I have enough water for the day. Our water gets shut off in 20 minutes and wont be turned on again until 5:30. Fun!

Simple Sunday

We must have been tired last night because none of the kids woke until 7:30. That’s almost an hour later than usual! It was nice to get extra rest, but we had to rush a little to get ready for church. Sunday School starts at 8:45. Not a lot of extra time!

We decided that Ethan was too big for Children’s Church. It’s really for preschoolers and he is in kindergarten so he doesn’t meet that requirement anymore. He did pretty well sitting with us for the service. It’s a long time for a 5 year old and I was proud of him. He did fall off his chair onto the ground while he was bowing his head once. That made me chuckle a little. I really love having Ethan and Audrey with us at the beginning of the service. Singing and praying while holding my kids close is very special.

I mentioned yesterday that Nathan mowed the lawn. I took a picture of Isaac and Audrey watching him and thought you needed to see it! They sure love their daddy!

Nice Restful Day

I started my day with a 6 mile run. After doing some more reading on the best ways to do my long, endurance runs, I decided to try to reign in my speed more at the beginning of my run and keep my heart rate in the low end of my range. Then, as the miles progressed, I worked on keeping my speed steady or a little faster than my previous mile as long as I stayed within my optimal heart rate range. It went really well! Instead of starting faster and getting progressively slower, this really helped me to work on my endurance and hang on to my pace.

I have 4 runs planned for this week: 5 miles, 6 miles, 3k or 2 mile time trial and 10x 100 meter speed intervals. Doesn’t that sound fun? 😉

We got some cleaning and laundry done this morning.

Jean and Liz came over this afternoon. Liz needed to observe the kids for a college class assignment. We had lunch together and chatted for a while. Ethan gets so excited to chat the ears off new “blood” .

Isaac and I both had nice naps this afternoon.

Everyone had baths or showers.

Nathan mowed the jungle backyard.

I’ve rediscovered the joy of sitting and doing sudoku puzzles while watching a good television show.

Looking forward to church tomorrow!

Project Life Update

It’s been a while since I did an update on my Project Life album. I’ve had some very successful weeks and months when it comes to keeping up with taking a photo every day. I’ve also had some dismal failures where I don’t think I took any photos all week. I’m horribly behind on my journaling, but I’m almost up to date with ordering my photos and putting them in the album.

Looking through the completed pages gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment. One of the huge drawbacks with scrapbooking is that you can get very behind when it comes to putting photos in albums. It can be overwhelming. What I love about Project Life is that it incorporates the best parts of scrapbooking (journaling and eye catching pages) while eliminating the worst parts (not having the right supplies when you want them, feeling like every page needs to be a masterpiece, . . .) so you can get your photos into a place where you can enjoy them before they are 10 years old!

Early on, I gave myself permission not to have to take a photo every single day. It made the project more enjoyable. I try to get 7 photos a week that tell the story of what is going on with our family. Some times I take all those photos in one day because I want to highlight a specific event. The result has been that I have a current album that I can look through RIGHT NOW that documents the last 10 months (I started in Oct.). It has been a great investment!

The Rain Came Down

The rain has been falling on and off all day. There is a steady stream flowing down the road that goes by our driveway. All that water gathers in the football field and the baseball field at the bottom of the hill. This is the view from our house this evening:

It hasn’t caused any major issues here, but I’ve been hearing that there are towns with severe flooding in MN and WI.

It’s a quiet here this evening. The kids are all in bed and Nathan went back to work to finish up some things. He has had to put in lots of hours recently. The good news is that they have a Help Desk Manager now and Nathan has finished up a huge programming project for Financial Aid. Hopefully work will be less hectic soon. This is my second night in a row with a quiet house. Last night was the first night of AWANA. This is Audrey’s first year. She was so thrilled to get her bag! She is going to love Cubbies! It blows my mind that she’s already old enough to go. If we didn’t have Isaac, my “baby” would be almost 4!  Sometimes it’s terrifying how fast time flies.

Nature Walk

Ethan, Audrey and I took a nature walk today. It was a lovely fall day so we set out on the trail near our home. We walked a little over 1.5 miles. I was very impressed with their little legs! They found sticks, flowers, leaves and had a great time.

In other news, Isaac has now been initiated in the the elite groups of “children of mine who have fallen down the stairs”. Somehow I forgot to close the door to the basement and he went rolling down the stairs. There was no blood, broken bones or missing teeth. Lots of tears though. Poor guy.

Today I. . .

worked with Ethan on writing M’s.

heard Ethan explain color to me. It’s official. My five year old knows more about color than I do.

watched Elaura (age 2- almost) while her mom was at an appointment with Gideon.

went to a cross-country race and saw my friend, Josiah, set a new PR.

watched my daughter roll down a hill over and over again.

heard my baby clearly say “that”. It’s his new favorite word.

thought about how I plan to run my next 5k race.

paid for food that I didn’t get at McDonalds 🙁 Didn’t realize it until I already was far down the road.

went to Bible study.

realized that my daughter’s birthday is only one week away.

let my children watch Hello Kitty.

watched the premier of The Biggest Loser.

decided to go to bed before 11:00

More photos from the wedding

Joyce and her daughter, Karen, arriving at the ceremony site.

Ann succeeds in pinning her big brother’s flower.

Pastor Bert prays to start the ceremony

The ceremony overlooking the St. Croix River in Stillwater

With Joyce’s parents

Princess Audrey kisses Grandpa

Getting ready to head to the boat for the reception

The Plath family

The Henning, Weber and Fairchild families participating in “Talk Like a Pirate Day”

Audrey happy after spending the afternoon twirling.