Room Shuffle

When I’m feeling “stuck” I find that I like to change things around in the house. It’s kind of a strange coping mechanism. Since I found myself in that state of mind yesterday, I decided we would change things up.  I could have picked a minor change, but I didn’t feel like doing something minor.


Yes, Audrey has her own room now.

That meant a few other things had to happen.


No more changing table in that room because our baby (who isn’t much of a baby anymore) has a new room with an awesome roommate.


No photo of Isaac’s bed yet since it wasn’t made when I took the photos this morning. You can see Ethan’s new bed though. The bunk bed is disassembled so that their boy room is toddler-proofed. The crib is in pieces. No more crib in our house! Now, we just need to figure out how to sleep well with these new arrangements.

End of Winter Blues (aka I’m trapped in my house and I’m losing my mind)

This has been a hard week. It’s more than having sick kids. Though we DO have sick kids (at least one sick one, Isaac). We’re not sleeping well, I feel a little let down now that my Bible study is over, I’m having a hard time disciplining myself when it comes to food choices, I feel stuck at home because we need to be careful about gas money and there is not a blasted thing to do that doesn’t take quite a bit of driving , and I’m tired. I guess I’m feeling depressed and need to find a way over this hump. It’s just no fun.

But we’re still soldiering on:





I should be working on my lecture for tomorrow night’s Bible study. It’s our last session. I can’t believe that I’ve made it through and actually taught 4 times (well, only 3 as of right now). It’s been a challenge, but it’s been good. I will be glad to have my Tuesday nights back again though.

In other news, I booked our Dell’s vacation. It put me in a good mood to do it. The kids are excited and so am I! We’ll be going  in May before Memorial Day. It’s hard to beat prices that time of the year. Dad and Joyce will be going with us. Maybe I’ll start a countdown chain with the kids. Or maybe it will be just for me 🙂

Okay. I’m off to do my homework. . .

Assorted updates

Our internet was broken for a short while this evening. For an hour or so, we were thinking that we might not have internet at home until Wednesday! Horror! Ethan was trying to figure out what that would mean for him. Basically, it would mean that the only thing he could watch on TV would be DVD’s we own (we don’t have satellite or cable and we don’t have a digital tuner) and most of the things he does on the computer would no longer work. It’s really interesting how much internet service has changed our lives.

The kids have been spending lots of time listening to the Adventures in Odessey radio drama. Nathan found lots of them on podcasts online and E&A love them.

Isaac has been talking more and more. His newest words include: kitchen, stairs and cheese. These are all things that are very important to him! He’s been testing me a lot lately. I put him in his room when he’s being disobedient and that happens a few times a day. On one particular ocassion, I went to his room to let him out and I found him climbing into his crib! Ack! That means that climbing out of the crib may not be far behind. I would love to move Isaac in to the room with Ethan when Isaac outgrows the crib, but I don’t think Isaac will quite be ready. He likes to climb the bunk bed and that’s not a safe thing for him at this point. I may wait until he is closer to 3.

The kids seem mostly healthy. Audrey has a slight cough, but has not caught the tummy bug that the boys had. We’re thankful for that!


1o- years old when I had my tonsils out

9- finished rooms in our house (3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, downstairs bathroom)

8-  miles is the farthest I’ve ever run

7-  years of marriage to Nathan

6- months until Audrey turns 5!

5- pounds I want to lose before my birthday

4- weeks until Easter and Ethan’s birthday

3- roommates through the years named “Heather”

2- hours was the entire duration of labor with Audrey (maybe less)

1- time our network went down while trying to write this


Today, I felt sort of “off”. I think some of it was that the new snow really set me back. I had such hope for spring and it seems like winter is going to hang on forever. The other bummer was waking up to two sick boys. That meant a day starting with lots of laundry.

I did get a run in tonight. Two miles doing run/walk intervals. It helped my disposition a little 🙂

On a positive note, we have only 1 month now until Ethan turns 6! He is very excited.

Goodbye Spring

Well, March seems to be going out like a lion.

From the beginning of the day (it snowed the rest of the day)

Front view:

Proof of Nathan’s attempt to drive up our hill:

Hard to see out the back with the ice on the window:

Hutchinson, which is 20 min west of us, got 9.5 inches of snow. I’m not sure what our official numbers were, but it was probably something close to that. We got tons of rain last night before it turned to slush and ice and then the snow started. The roads were horrible this morning. There was so much snow, that the roads had huge piles of snow down the middle for several blocks. The pictures don’t really do it justice.

Nathan decided to call this a vacation day. That was the silver lining. It has been nice to have him home. He made caramel popcorn with oil pop popcorn. The kids were amazed! (Bonus that you can actually see the length of Audrey’s hair. It’s a little wild since it dried with the pony tails in it.)


New and Improved

4 out of 5 of us have had our hair cut within the last 24 hours. Audrey wanted her hair to be shorter and wasn’t interested in having me do anything with it. So, we went a little shorter again. It’s adorable. You can’t really tell how long it is with it up in this photos since it’s pulled back. Why does she let Jill do that to her hair, but not me? Oh well.



Finally got a photo of Isaac and I. Not a great one, but it shows our freshly cut hair!


Audrey’s hair from the back. It was cuter before she took it out laid on it. Oh well 🙂