Made To Crave

I’ve been wanting to pick up the book, Made to Crave, for sometime. Today I finally just went out and bought it. I’ve made it through the first chapter and so far I really like it.


Here’s a quote that really resonates with me:

Choosing better foods is certainly a part of this journey. However, simply telling me to eat healthier foods that will help me feel full doesn’t address the heart of the matter. I can feel full after a meal and still crave chocolate pie for dessert. Just feeling full isn’t the answer to sticking with a healthy eating plan.

I want to make healthier choices so that I can feel better and take care of myself. I’ve been one who quits when the going gets tough. I really recognized that in myself when I read this post today. The author says:

When I focused on one approach though, things changed. When I made a commitment and focused on keeping it, things changed. When I didn’t give up and change course the first day or the 15th day or the 30th day, things changed.

September is going to be a great month, right?


A Date!

Nathan and I went out for a much-needed date tonight. We happened to find a time that would work for a babysitter and pounced on it! People have told us the importance of date nights and I whole-heartedly agree. It’s just not always easy to find a time that works or to have the budget to finance it.


So, tonight was a treat! I’ve really missed being able to get out without the kids.


Earlier today, we had a stuffed animal reunion downstairs:



Bedtime Routine

I’m going to want to remember this someday. So, I’m going to share it here with you all and let you see  a sneak peek at part of our bedtime routine.

(we don’t do baths every night, but it’s a cute picture and I thought I would include it in this post!)

After the kids brush their teeth, we have several nightly “rituals”. First of all, Nathan gets down on the floor and lets Isaac ride him like a horsey to his bedroom. We tuck the boys in and pray for them. More often than not, both boys are in Ethan’s bed. They want to snuggle and we don’t really mind. After we tuck in the boys, we come out to the living room and Audrey wants us to race to bed. Nathan, Audrey, Max and I all race to Audrey’s room. She is always the one to say, “go” and always has a head start. She wins every time. That’s the way it works! Then we tuck her in and pray for her. A few minutes later, she comes out of her room and kisses me on the cheek.

I don’t remember what I did as a child for a bedtime routine, but I do remember my mom tucking me in and lying down next to me and talking to me even as I was older. I have been missing my mom today. When the kids are grown I hope they have as many happy memories of their parents tucking them in as I do.



25 Minutes

I ran for 25 minutes today and I had no pain! I’m so happy that I was able to complete my run today with no problems. I drove out to the trail a mile from here and did my run there. It was raining a tiny bit, but it wasn’t too bad. My calf muscles are getting stronger (I strike with my forefoot, so I can really feel it in my calves when I have not run for a while) and hopefully, my cardio fitness will follow suit. It was an easy, slow run and I covered 2.1 miles

I love my new shoes!

Help! We’re Living the Terrible Two’s!

I didn’t set out expecting the 2-year-old stage to be hard. I’ve always loved toddlers. I just think there is so much sweetness and cuteness about that age.

But, OY! Isaac is living out the stereotypical “terrible two’s” right now. I had blocked out that stage from when Ethan was going through it, but it’s all coming back now. This week has kicked my butt. I seem to spend all day doing battle with a two year old. I tell Isaac to do something (or not to do something) and he disobeys. He looks at me, screams “No” and points his finger at me and runs away. I have to chase him down and decide the appropriate discipline. It really doesn’t matter what the discipline is because he’s going to do the same thing over and over again all day long. It is physically and emotionally exhausting. And, oh yes, we have 2 other children who are not perfect angels 100% of the time.

See this photo? Isaac isn’t in it because he was sent to his room.


In the middle of today’s battles, I managed to clean the living room.


And Nathan has been laying carpet in the basement:


Next week will be better, right?

School Update

It about time for a homeschool update.

Believe it or not, we’ve actually completed over 30 days of school for this year already!

Today’s highlight was working on solving for unknowns for his math work. He did fabulously. I had the manipulative blocks out for him so he could use those to visualize the concept. He used them one time and didn’t really need them again. He did it all in his head. These are just simple addition problems, but seeing him easily figure out the unknown numbers encourages me that as we move on to more subtracting, he wont have much trouble thinking “backwards”.

Audrey keeps hounding me to “do school” with her. Lately, we’ve been working through some preschool workbooks I picked up at Target. If I can keep Isaac occupied, it’s really a nice one-on-one time with her.

Valentine’s Day

Audrey spent  much of the day making “Balentimes”

I’m not sure how many she made, but there are a lot of them!

In other news, Isaac can say “Macgyver” and tells me he’s making bombs out of random household objects. Two year olds can pick up a lot from random TV shows!
He decided he needed to plop down in the middle of the floor in the kitchen with his pillow today.


I’ve been trying to be more intentional about enjoying the kids, but I’m feeling a bit tired out at the end of the day. Isaac is really challenging  me a lot. It’s exhausting to deal with all day. I’m hoping this stage passes quickly.


I took the kids in to Crown today to meet Nathan at the end of the day. We made our regular rounds to see all of their friends. We always stop and talk to Cheryl at the reception desk. Then we talk to Kimberely and Ellen in the Registrar’s Office. Then it’s Gary, Ron, Kim, Ladene and Katie in the Finance Office and finally, Judy in the Financial Aid Office. We have to make all of these stops or the kids are disappointed!

Everyone kept commenting on how much the kids had grown. It’s harder to see it when I’m with them every day, but it’s true. They have all grown a lot. Audrey and Isaac seem to have shot up quite a bit.

Here Audrey is showing me how big she is next to the door where we mark their height.


And here are my big boys snuggling at bedtime:


First Vet Visit and Other Stuff

We got Max “used”, and he already had most of his immunizations, but we still needed to get him his rabies shot. The vet has to be the one to do the rabies shot and give us the proof to take to our city to get him licensed. Today was the day we had an appointment.

I was wondering how I would cope with 3 children and one dog at the vet’s office. Mostly, I was worried about Isaac. It’s hard to keep Isaac where he needs to be and out of places he shouldn’t be when I need at least one hand restraining a dog. It was not easy!  The process left me sweating. Max hates riding in the van and was already agitated. He was also very excited to see the other dogs there. Most of our appointment went off without a hitch. The hardest part was when we left and I was using both hands to coax Max toward the van and Isaac decided to run off toward the busy County Road. Hopefully, we wont have to make that trip again for a year.

I made a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish today. I crossed a lot of things off the list: running, teaching school, laundry, setting some appointments, and working on my household notebook. I was reading this blog the other day and was reminded that I had a goal to make a home organization notebook sometime. I started working on it today and I’m really excited about it. I have items to add to it yet and I’m sure I’ll tweak it as I use it. It’s really fun!

The best part of today was that it was the first Monday in two weeks that I didn’t have to run to swimming lessons. 🙂