Loaded Up!

It took three hours for all of our stuff to get loaded into our moving truck. I had estimated 17 feet of space. The man in charge of loading our stuff said he thought he could do it in 14 feet. When it was finished, he did it with 15 feet of space in the truck. We save money by using less space. His awesome loading skills were greatly appreciated. If you are looking for a good crew to load your things, I would recommend them!


Max was very concerned with all the stuff going on! He’s settled down now that he knows we’re still here. We have a lot of cleaning to do. Hopefully, we can get it done tomorrow.

Nathan will have next week in the evenings to rip out the garage ceiling and sheet-rock it. I’m hoping he doesn’t have to do any paint touch-up.

We are tired!


This is what my house looks like right now:

Finished today:

Drove kids to Hudson to hand them off to Nana. Forgot the diaper wipes in the van 🙁

Nathan and Tim took 1.6 tons of junk to the dump, pulled carpet, bought new carpet and drywall and other supplies.

Took several loads of stuff to the thrift store.

More packing.


Ceilings and Master BR and Boys’ room are scrapped and ready to be sprayed.

Some Lasts

It’s the kids’ last night sleeping in this house. It’s hard to explain to that them. They are off on a whirlwind adventure for the next two weeks. Nana and Grandpa’s house, family celebration in Shakopee, Brian and Missy’s, Dad and Joyce’s and then off to TN.

I also had my last get-together with the rest of my friends from our women’s ministry team at church.

I’m going to miss these ladies. They have been dear friends.

Last Friday night, we had our last family time with our friends that live here in town.

Marie has been there for me through a lot! I’m going to miss her. Ethan is really going to miss their boy, Ezekiel. They have become good pals.

Merry Christmas to All

The kids woke up early (of course!). After sending them back to bed a few times, it was time to get up and open presents. We didn’t pick out anything fancy for them. The most exciting thing was Audrey’s pink Bible. She had been praying for one for a  long time. It was so cool to see how happy she was to get it.

Nathan and I didn’t get each other anything! We just hadn’t had the time to go shopping.

We said some “goodbyes” to friends at church today. It’s starting to feel very real that we are leaving.

We took a break from most of our work today. We worked really hard yesterday and I was so tired during lunch today that I could barely keep my eyes open. All of us laid down for naps after lunch. It was awesome! Tomorrow we’ll be back at it with full force.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Broken Record

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

The day began with a puking child (it seems this is day 12 of this sickness for us).

We sorted and packed.


It’s beyond crazy that we’ve been dealing with puking every other day for almost two weeks. It doesn’t seem possible. We’re praying for healing and taking it a day at a time. Today Audrey was the one who started the day puking. She seemed to feel okay for the rest of the day though. She did have a nice long nap. Isaac, on the other hand, was coughing and sort of miserable for a lot of the day. It would be so nice if everyone would be restored to full health.

Nathan spent the day in the garage. He was sorting everything into piles of things to give away, throw away or keep. We have a ton of stuff that if going to the dump. I kept busy packing up the breakable stuff in the kitchen. It doesn’t seem like it should take that long to pack, but it keeps going and going. Tomorrow, at some point, we’re going to pull out all the things that still need to be packed.

Because the kids weren’t feeling great, we stayed home instead of going to church for the Christmas Eve service. I still made our traditional wild rice soup, the kids got to open one present (their new Christmas pj’s) and we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. I loved snuggling with the kids in their cute jammies. We still all fit on the couch together. That wont last long as they get bigger.

The kids are snug in their beds. We need to get the stockings and presents ready for the morning. I’m very sleepy from all the work we did today! Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Before I zone out in front of the TV

Today, we are thankful for:

Nathan’s report from the inspector that we will not have to redo the entire garage ceiling. He will have to hang sheet rock, but that’s that as bad as what it could have been.

We have hired a reasonably priced handyman to do our ceilings (re – do the popcorn stuff) and lay carpet.

Tim volunteered to help Nathan next week.

Nathan finished hanging the trim and is currently prepping our closet for primer.

I packed a ton of boxes (all of these were done in the last two days). As you can see, we’ve been consuming a lot of alcohol!

The car and van both has recent oil changes and tires checked!

Everyone was healthy today.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us. It is appreciated!

Sometimes My Job is Disgusting!

We have “the sickness that will never end” at our house.

This is how it’s been for us:

Tuesday: Isaac gets sick

Wednesday: Isaac seems fine. Ethan, Audrey and I get sick.

Thursday: Recovering from being sick

Friday: Everyone is fine

Saturday: Everyone is fine

Sunday: Everyone is fine

Monday: Isaac gets sick again. Nathan feels sick. We find out that during the time frame where we all felt good, we infected at least three other people.

Tuesday: Isaac is better. Everyone seems fine.

Wednesday: Audrey gets sick again. Isaac has the most disgusting diapers known to mankind.

See how sneaky this sickness is? Maybe it’s two different things. All I know is that I really want it to be done. I’ve been spending a lot of time washing laundry and towels. Earlier today, what I thought was a routine diaper change resulted in what looked and smelled like a pile of manure on the boys’ floor and all over Isaac. A variation on that little episode happened to Audrey today too.

Please pray that no one else gets sick and that Isaac and Audrey feel better soon. We’re really in crunch time here with getting stuff done!

Christmas is this week!

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the thought that Christmas is this week! I decided to take a break form packing and bake cookies today. It was a good choice.

I used some Christmas gift money to get one of these:

I’m so excited! It might not seem like an exciting to present to everyone, but that might be because you aren’t moving to a place where you will have no idea how to find anything! Also, this summer, I’ll be driving back from MN without Nathan. This will give me a little more confidence!

Nathan is on his way back from the store. He picked up some supplies at Menards and also went to WalMart for groceries. He and Audrey had a shopping night together. I was home with the boys and we had a chance to do a test Skype-session with my dad. Dad isn’t as comfortable with technology as some so this is very new for him. He wanted to test it out to see how it would work. I’m so tickled that he has it all figured out! He even did a little puppet show for Ethan and Isaac. They loved it!  We’ve used it in the past a little bit with Nana and Grandpa Fritz, but the kids were littler and it was harder to keep their attention. They are at a perfect age now! Nana, I promise it’s more fun now! I have romantic notions of my children all sweetly sitting in the flannel jammies sitting at the computer listening to Nana read Horton Hatches an Egg!

I better go. I let the boys fall asleep on our bed  and Nathan and Audrey are back!


19 days until we move!

That does not sound like very many days.  We have two more Christmas celebrations to do in that time, shots for Audrey, cavities to get filled, eye appointments, and lots of boxes to pack!

The boxes need to be packed in 9 days. Whoah!

In other news, we seem to have infected all of our family with whatever crud we had last week. I feel so bad because they kids seemed healthy for two days before we left and then fine while we were there. Early this morning, Isaac puked again! I emailed family to give them a head’s up, but it was too late, Brian, Missy and Joyce were all sick.

Nathan stayed home because he was feeling kind of sick. But he actually worked all day. He just set up his computer and phone in our bedroom with the door closed. He put in a full day of work right from home and didn’t have to worry about getting anyone else sick.

I’m getting tired from all the work we’ve been doing, but I feel like I should pack more before bed! Hmmmmm….

Christmas, Part 1

We ventured over the river and through the woods to the Henning home on Saturday. It was the first of three weekends of different Christmas celebrations.


It was a really nice time with family. Audrey did break my heart at one point and started crying about how much she is going to miss her Grandpa.  I think it was the first time she really started to understand that it’s going to be longer between visits. There are going to be a lot of these moments along the way as we spend time with friends and family before we leave. It’s bittersweet.