I Spy Tour

Getting ready to do the I Spy Tour in Franklin.


I Spy Downtown Franklin can best be described as a scavenger hunt for the eyes. Children count objects and find dates, make a brass rubbing, look for architectural details on buildings around the Square and down Main Street, and have  fun! It’s an active, hands-on, self-guided program that takes about an hour. 

MN Visitors

My Aunt Jean and Uncle Ralph were here to visit us the last couple of days. Our first out of town guests! We had a great time together. The first afternoon, we swung by Nathan’s office to see some of the radio show being aired. There was a couple there to call in from the phone in the lobby and tell their debt free story. We found out that they used to live in Alexandria (or had some connection there). During a commercial break, Dave came out to autograph some books for the kids of the family that had just made their call. It was fun that Jean and Ralph got to meet Dave as well.

On Tuesday we went to the park, did a little hiking and had a picnic. In the afternoon the kids and I rested while Jean and Ralph took in some of the historical sites/tours. They spent about 6 hours seeing the sites and had a great time. They learned a lot about the battle of Franklin. We finished our day with dinner at a local BBQ restaurant and dessert at Sweet CeCe’s.

Ethan, Audrey and Isaac had so much fun. They were very sad to see Jean and Ralph leave today. They were the perfect people to have as our first out of town guests. Now, we’re starting the countdown to next month when Nana and Grandpa Fritz come to visit! Anyone else ready for a trip to TN? We would love to host you!

Smoke and Mirrors

As I was driving home after a really wonderful morning, I let my mind wander to feelings of being hurt and betrayed and let my thoughts dwell there. Why did I let my brain go there?

“Every good and perfect gift is from above. Coming down from the father of heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows.”

– James 1:17

Today I’m praying that I can focus on the good gifts and the Giver of those gifts.

These days I feel like I’m in a very real battle. In some ways, if feels like I’m on the edge and Satan knows that if he can keep me distracted with smoke and mirrors, I’ll miss the really big things that God has for me. I’ve been thinking about how I want more. I want to allow God to help me to deal with my hurts and issues in a way that is healthy and leaves a positive example for Ethan, Audrey and Isaac. I’m thankful for new mercies every day.


Reading Krista’s account of how God was providing for them prompted me to record the amazing ways that we’ve seen God provide for us lately as well.

1) We under-estimated gas costs for this month. I assumed that we would be driving a little less, Nathan had to fill up on the first day of the pay period and I had not figured him needing to fill up more than once, and gas prices have gone up again. I was asking God to provide in this area for us and show us how we could juggle things to make everything work when we received a bill that was $45 lower than we had expected. I knew that it was a very specific response our choosing to put ourselves in a position of trusting God.

2) The person who is managing our property in Winsted spoke with Nathan and told him that she has a family that wants to rent our home. They want to stay in Winsted for the LONG haul and they love our home. They may even want to buy it. Just when we were starting to feel the pinch financially and understand that it will take a miracle for us to continue on without a renter for very much longer, God provided again.

3)We are making friends. All of us are making friends. We played outside on Tuesday in the area between our house and the pool with the Craigs that live here who also work where Nathan works. Our puggles checked each other out and Ethan made the rest of us run laps around the yard. Last night, we had three children (same ages as our own kids!) over so their parents(another family from where Nathan works) could go out together. The kids had so much fun. Finally, this morning, the kids and I were invited to another new friend’s house. This is “family”. It’s hard to explain: Karen is my step-sister. Her husband is Tim. His sister is Kim. Kim had us over this morning. It was a really encouraging time.

God is showing us that He is always trustworthy. I’m working on remembering to trust.

Finally, here is our gorgeous and fashionable daughter:

Friday Brain Dump

  • More WEATHER here in Tennessee. Currently, I’m watching a huge system pass through and thinking that grocery shopping is out of the question with 3 little kids and pouring rain. It doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. Lots of thunderstorms lately. Wednesday night, as I was driving to my Bible study, it started to hail. It was so loud, I thought we would have damage on the car, but we didn’t. A few miles across town, Nathan didn’t have any hail. Yesterday we had thunderstorms. Lots and lots of rain.
  • Isaac passed his stomach flu on to me. I ducked out of my study early on Wednesday night because I wasn’t feeling great. Shortly after I got home I got really sick. In about two hours, I dropped 5 pounds. It was terrible and I wasn’t able to sleep much that night because I felt so awful. Last night, Ethan got sick.
  • Upon learning that I had a poor night of sleep because of being sick, my Moving On study leader called and volunteered to take the kids for the morning. She picked up the kids, took them to the park, then to here house to play and then took them to Sonic for lunch. When she brought them back, she brought supper for us as well. I felt so blessed and grateful. I was able to get some much-needed sleep.
  • We still don’t have a renter in MN yet. Please pray for wisdom for us in this situation.
  • I’m considering taking a blogging break for an extended period of time. Still working through that.

Tuesday Night Post

Even though we moved over two months ago, I’m still adjusting to sleeping in a new house. Several things are compounding this problem: I have a lot on my mind, the kids like to have the light on in the bathroom by their rooms and it’s really bright, and Isaac wakes up almost every night/very early morning because he leaked through his diaper (hmmmm….. one would think I would have solved that with different diapers).

Last night was no different. Isaac came in our room and said he was “soaking”, but he didn’t seem to be wet to me so I sent him back to his room. At 4:30 I heard him crying again. Finally, I went into his room and discovered that he had gotten sick and needed his sheets changed and new pj’s. So, I did all that and tucked him back into bed. He was in pretty good spirits. I assumed that he had just had too much candy from all the potty training rewards he was getting! A half hour later he was crying again. He had puked again (just a little). This time Nathan was awake to take care of that one.

Morning came way too early and  I had to prepare myself for a day in which I would accomplish little more than try to not go backwards in our efforts with having Isaac use the toilet since he seemed to have some intestinal issues as well.  As it turned out, Isaac did great today! He’s still doing great with staying dry. No accidents at all today and only one yesterday. He doesn’t initiate going on his own yet. I still take him, but I am thrilled with how well he has done.

No one else got sick and Isaac seemed okay for the rest of that day. We were able to pick up some new library books, have everyone take naps and then we played outside in the 80 degree weather that we had today. We capped off our day with a walk with Daddy when he got home.

More Southern Things I’m Not Used To

1. Consignment sales. They are huge and they are everywhere at this time of the year. I didn’t feel brave enough to check one out with all three kids, but I guess I’ll have to do it some time and see what kinds of deals I can find on kids’ clothing. I was reading some information on the kinds of things they accept for consignment sales and for kids’ clothes they need to basically be in a perfect condition and reasonably current as far as style. I know for sure that none of Ethan and Isaac’s clothes would pass the test after being worn by two active boys! It sounds like a ton of work to prepare for them,

2. “Bless your/his/her Heart” is not a blessing. I can’t figure out if it’s sympathy or insult or what yet. Sort of passive-aggressive southern? Kylene, Can you help me out here?

3. The phrase “y’all” is sometimes used as a singular form to address one person. Here, in middle Tennessee, some of the gals that I’ve met insist that the plural is “all y’all”. Good to know.

4. There is more than just one kind of diet “soda” at restaurants.