As Amy has explained, God had been moving in her heart for some time now. I was aware of some of it, though the bits of books she read aloud to me and through some of the discussions it was all leading to. But, much of it was still catching me by surprise…

Apparently, it takes a bit more to get through to me…which brings us to October’s ‘divine conspiracy‘.

  • 5 weeks ago: In our Sunday evening life group, we covered how to have financial margin and as part of that how having such margin frees you to be more generous.
  • 4 weeks ago: Stan Mitchell, a local pastor and regular speaker for our weekly devotionals at work, spoke on II Corinthians 8 and how we should not wait until we have “enough” money to be generous with it.
  • 1 month ago: our church begins a capital campaign, encourages the church to fast something and pray about how we could increase our generosity and sacrificially give toward reducing the church’s debt and future ministries.
  • Every Sunday since — poignant messages on tithing, generosity, and trusting God to provide. 2 of which were ALSO on II Corinthians 8.
  • 4 weeks ago: Someone at church donated copies of Gordon MacDonald’s book, “generosity” so every life group and sunday school group could use it. We did so that first Sunday of the campaign.
  • 3 weeks ago: Amy and Audrey helped at the Feed My Starving Children mobile pack. I couldn’t go, but I was so proud of my two favorite women going and helping to pack the 25K+ meals that were packed during their shift.
  • 2 weeks ago: One of the staff members brought a video to the weekly staff meeting for us all to watch. It was about generosity.
  • Last week: Shaun Groves, singer/songwriter and awesome advocate for Compassion International came to Lampo Devo and spoke on…wait for it…generosity and the importance of living simply so you can be generous with what you have beyond what you really need.


By the time Shaun Groves came, I was pretty sure I knew what the message was going to be in devo before I even knew who was speaking…

I may be pretty slow when it comes to these things, but even I figured out this trend! And bit by bit, God has been changing my heart as well.

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  1. I’m so glad you both seem to be getting on the same page regarding giving. It is so much easier if you can agree whole-heartedly, rather than one person just going along with the other’s ideas. I’m excited to see what you will be doing. It is also inspiring to me to be considering our level of giving.

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