I love this quote by Bill Cosby

“No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I’m not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal.” -Bill Cosby

Tennessee Christmas

I kept thinking, all day today, about how blessed we are. There were so many really sweet moments during the holiday.

  • Nathan reading the Christmas story to the kids.
  • Watching the kids play happily all day long with their toys.


  • Skyping with my family in MN.
  • Skyping with the Fritz grandparents and Ethan playing the piano for Nana. There is something really cool about being able to sit on the couch and chat with family and see their faces even though they are far away.
  • Last night at the Christmas Eve service, Isaac put his unlit candle on the seat in front of him and then a nice woman sat on it after the song was over and we all sat down. At that point, Isaac decided it was time to get the candle back. Oh yes he did.
  • Making wild rice soup for Christmas Eve– just like Mom used to make 🙂
  • Audrey wearing her new necklace from Grandma Joyce with her new dress from Nana.
  • Isaac wearing pajamas for most of the day.
  • The boys ending their day with Isaac falling asleep snuggling Ethan who is reading him a story.

Some days you just want to bottle up.

(the kids taking out the trash together!)

A Year Ago

We were boxing up everything that we owned.

And most of us were sick (I can see it in Ethan’s eyes in this photo).

It was one of those crazy illnesses that hits lightning fast. I don’t remember who got sick first, but I do know that within an hour of the first child getting sick, I was down for the count myself. By the time Nathan got home from work  he was diving from one side of the room to the other catching puke from various children.

This Christmas should be much more relaxed and hopefully, healthy. Unfortunately, I have a sore throat and feel a cold hitting me. I’m hoping it passes quickly.

The kids are snuggled in for the night (except for Ethan). Two doggies are sleeping near me (neighbor dog is visiting for the holidays). Nathan is working on his laptop. I’m thinking of going to bed early.

We saw some snow flurries yesterday! We might end up with some snow the day after Christmas. Maybe.


Merry Christmas to Nathan



So, this is what Nathan got as his Christmas gift at the office party tonight.

Tonight was the big party. Awesome food + everyone dressed up fancy + hillarious video + MacBook Air.

They offered a choice of the MacBook Air,  or ipad mini+gift card, or ipad4+ gift card or iphone5. The ironic thing is that Nathan was saying, as we were driving there, “I sure hope we get a MacBook Air.”

Nathan says, “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Dave!”