Moving On Graduation

My moving on class had it’s “graduation” last night. I loved meeting these women, but I’m happy to not have to prepare for classes each week.

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New Pictures

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Isaac got a hair cut! Here he is bonding with our neighbor dog, Tyler.

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On Wednesday, I got my new book, Start, autographed by Jon Acuff and his daughters McRae and L.E.

Yesterday it rained. And rained, and rained and rained. We were spared the worst of the flooding, but there was still some road closures and our church parking lot was covered in mud because of the overflow of the river that happened last night.

You can see photos from the flooding here

I’m hoping for a good week!


Morning mourning

Nana and Grandpa left to head back up north this morning. We did our traditional “run like madmen down the street in the rain waving until the car is over the horizon” goodbye, then came inside to clean up.

A few minutes later, Audrey was sitting on her bed sobbing, winding the little musical birthday card Nana had given Ethan over and over to listen to the music, ’cause it reminded her of Nana and Grandpa.

After I snuggled her for a while, we decided to do something in honor of Nana and Grandpa’s departure:

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Yes. This is a 22″ x 24″ My Little Pony city, complete with all of the houses, ponies, and even some of their pets, guards, and friends. Read on for the details!

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What? No. We were up all day!!!

…don’t know what you’re talking about…our site wasn’t down all day because Nathan forgot to let GKG know that notifications about should not be emailed to his old Crown address. We certainly weren’t down all day because our domain had expired without him knowing it. It is MOST DEFINITELY not up now because he scrambled to pay the bill only after the site went went down and he realized his mistake.

Okay. Maybe all of that did happen.

Much thanks due to Ray Mikesell who helped me get my hands on a password reset email so I could get the whole thing sorted out. He’s awesome.

Happy 8th Birthday, Ethan

Today, Ethan turns 8. Technically, it happens at 11:31 pm.

We opened presents at breakfast, went to Bible study, had Happy Meals  and cake for lunch, went to history club, went to AWANA and then had cake again with ice cream when everyone was home. Now, Ethan gets to stay up late and hang out with us 🙂

I love you, Ethan. I’m proud to be your mom!

House Showing Today

The people that looked at our house today said it was in their top 3 of places they were considering. That’s encouraging! I’m hoping that we’ll get more interest as the weather clears up. Please keep praying for us that we’ll find the right buys at the right time.

Saturday Family Fun

Since we did all our “chores” yesterday, today was a play day. Mostly.

Nathan started the day early by helping set up for our church’s yard sale. Only it wasn’t a sale. We called it a “Yard Give”. Tons of families brought items to donate and we advertised in the lower income areas and GAVE IT ALL AWAY for FREE! Isn’t that cool?


There were a lot of people and almost everything was gone by noon. We even provided guys to load trucks of furniture and drive it to their homes.

The other fun thing that happened today was that we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. We didn’t do a tour. We went to a children’s program that they had out on their patio. It was a “Musical Petting Zoo”. They had a bunch of different instruments laid out on tables and the kids got to pick them up and play them: guitars, banjos, fiddles, dulcimers, percussion instruments. . .There were people there to show the kids how to play the instruments. It was fun and free.

In other news, we had a request for a showing for our house tomorrow. Maybe this one will be “the one”!


Guess What Day It Is?

I declared it cleaning day.

Today I finished three loads of laundry (all folded and put away), helped the boys clean their room, Audrey cleaned the kids’ bathroom, I vacuumed and dusted the master bedroom, and I swept and dusted the dining room and family room and Ethan vacuumed the upstairs hallway. I have more on my list, but still have time to get to it.

I’m back on track with my eating too. It’s been a disaster. Really, really bad. I’m determined that today I’m turning it around. Baby steps!

Now, it’s time to clean the kitchen and vacuum the stairs. Doesn’t that sound fun?!