Thanksgiving 2013

Well, I thought we were going to spend Thanksgiving here at our home with just the 5 of us, but yesterday a friend asked us to join their family for Thanksgiving. There ended up being 3 families together. 6 adults and 8 kids. Not a bad ratio.

Since I had already planned to make a meal here, I brought some of the things I was going to make for our family and pooled it together with all the stuff that was there. I made my first pumpkin pies and they turned out great! And because we didn’t cook our turkey today, I think I’ll cook it tomorrow instead! Most of the food was cooked by my friends’ husband, Brian. He made the most amazing sausage stuffing. Yummm…

We had a great time. We ended the evening with the kids playing wii and two of the dads building with blocks at the table while the other dad (Nathan) worked on figuring out the Rainbow Loom. We did have some of the kids wander over and join us toward the end of that fun.


I hope you all had a wonderful day! Happy Thanksgiving.

Snow Is Coming!

We’re going to maybe get an inch of snow today.


I know what you’re thinking.


It’s time to run to the store and buy all the milk, bread and eggs.


Also, how is it possible that the worst drivers all relocated to Middle Tennessee? No one is from here. So, we can’t blame TN for this phenomenon. I’ll keep you posted!

Weekend of Parties

Does anyone else feel like they go from having nothing going on at all to having every night booked?

On Friday night I hosted a dress swap for some of the women from Lampo. Honestly, Friday afternoon I was dreading it. I just didn’t feel up to doing it and I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. Nathan arrived from work at 4 and I expressed my whiny feelings to him and then he helped me get ready. There were 9 ladies in all that were here and we ended up having a great time. Everyone told a little bit of their story of how their spouses came to work at Lampo and we ate and tried on dresses (those who were interested). We laughed a lot! There was a new woman that told us about her hairless cats named Nude Gingrich and Scarlett No-Hara. She also would love to use the names Lee Harvey OsBald and Lucille Bald. Is that not the funniest thing??

On Saturday Audrey and I went to the 16th birthday party of our babysitter. It was just us girls. We left Nathan and the boys at home. They ate boy food (Taco Bell) and watched a movie about robots and superheroes? I’m unclear on all the details. All I know is that the boys declared it “AWESOME”!

Finally, tonight was the birthday party to celebrate the 1st birthday of Olivia. She is the daughter of some dear friends.

We’re getting ready to have a low key week in which we celebrate Thanksgiving.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_0405.JPG” ]

Isaac made that hat in his Bible study class. Isn’t it sweet?

School Update

Today I was working with Audrey on how to pronounce a “y” at the end of a word. Sometimes “y” says “i” and sometimes it says “ee”. So complicated! I’m proud of her hard work! I can see a huge difference between the beginning of the year until now. First grade is such a magical year for having the world of reading really come alive. Once things start to “click” it’s so fun for the kids. She brought a book to me this week and surprised me by how much of it she could read. Yay!

Ethan read all of The Story of Doctor Doolittle between last night and sometime this afternoon. Nathan put it on my Kindle for him. There are some cool free classic books available. Multiplication is keeping him busy as is his least favorite– grammar 🙂 He also just finished learning about the New England states. Wouldn’t it be awesome to follow that up with a road trip to those states? Some day! Feel free to ask him some questions in the comments if you feel like it. I’ll have him answer as a way to test his retention. Last night, we sat and played Mice and Mystics for a family game night. All of us. That’s pretty big since I usually don’t enjoy it and tend to let them do their thing, but I don’t want to miss out on spending time together as a whole family. Sometimes that means doing things you aren’t really interested in doing. We had so much fun. I’m convinced that this is how we’re going to teach Isaac how to count. Numbers on the dice, number of dice to throw, ….

It feels like it should be a Friday today. I keep reminding myself that it’s Thursday. It is Thursday, right?

Today I’m thankful for noise. It drives me crazy, but it’s nice to know my kids love to play with each other and much of the noise is from happy playing.


Crazy Weather Day

Tennessee has more than it’s share of severe weather. One of the things that helps me know how to prepare is that I follow a local weather person on Twitter- nashseverewx (in case you wonder and wanted to know about weather in middle Tennessee). The guy who does it lives in Franklin and will actually give up to the minute forecasts with specific locations and subdivisions mentioned by name– not just the name of a city, but if you are in Franklin, he would actually be able to tell you what neighborhoods would be most at risk. We don’t live in Franklin anymore, but we’re close enough that his weather reports are still helpful to us.

This morning, I woke up and checked my Twitter feed and noticed that he had put out an alert about weather for today. I told Nathan that it looked like Illinois, Indiana and Michigan were all under a huge threat. We were a little worried about Nana and Grandpa Fritz in southern Wisconsin. We called and found out they had already made it home :-). The weather forecasters turned out to be right about today. I was so sad when I saw the pictures of the destruction in Illinois. We have good friends here that just moved from that area this year. The town they lived in for 9 years had huge areas completely destroyed. It sounds like 6 people died.

We caught some of the tail end of the weather system here, but only had high winds and heavy rain. The rain arrived immediately after we got home from our life group and shut the garage. Good timing.

It’s kind of unnerving to live in a place where you have to be concerned about tornadoes in the fall. I’m thankful to have technology that can help to keep  us safe.

It sounds like the severe weather is gone and we’re officially moving into Fall.


Insert Original Title Here

Nathan is out tonight. He and the rest of his team at work are at the Titan’s game. I think the evening started with a dinner on a boat on the river. He has an exciting life! I don’t envy being outside in the cold though.

I dragged the kids with me to a hair appointment. Hooray for free wifi at the salon. They were able to watch a movie and stay mostly out of trouble!

I finished our insurance paperwork, sent it to our agent, and then called the insurance company to get the ball rolling. I’m probably boring you with this, but I’m telling you our agent is a genius! He’s not paying me to say that either 🙂

Now, I need to figure out if I’m going to stay up waiting for Nathan to get home. That would be silly, right? I’ll probably just take Max with me to bed instead 🙂

This Happened Tonight

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_0404.JPG” ]

 Nathan is laughing at how much brighter the lights are in the middle of the tree. It wont look so off balance once the ornaments are hung.

We’re feeling festive! We had the Christmas decorating music playing in the background. My parents used to play an Andy Williams RECORD while we did our Christmas decorating. I also remember listening to the Muppets singing the 12 days of Christmas. I’m passing on the tradition to our kids

I wonder how many lyrics they are mis-hearing 🙂

Ethan asked me what the 12 days of Christmas were tonight and I realized I didn’t know the answer. So, I guess I need to do a little Christmas song research. Unless you guys know the answer?? Anyone?

Winter, traffic and reading lessons

Today winter arrived in TN. I know I’ve experienced much colder weather, but today’s morning windchill was in the 20’s and yesterday’s high was 70. Over a 40 degree drop is a crazy fast change in weather.

We also had a couple of flurries of snow. I didn’t see any, but I guess Brentwood and Nashville saw some. Nathan planned to leave a little early for work today because he thought there might be some rain/snow mix and wasn’t sure what the roads would be like.  Nathan said the roads were not slippery, but the traffic was much worse than normal. The ramp he takes to get on the interstate had a major accident and there was another accident north of Nathan’s office where a car flipped over and there was a fatality. I’m not sure if there were weather conditions impacting either of those accidents, but it made for quite a commute for people from this area. My friend, Heather, has a 32 mile commute. It took her 2 1/2 hours today!

With the arrival of colder weather, I think I’m ready to get out the Christmas decorations. I know it’s illegal to decorate before Thanksgiving, but we might do our decorating this week. Since we are living in a new place, I’m excited to figure out where to put everything.

I’m not feeling motivated at all, but I think my afternoon project needs to be working on our health insurance paperwork. We need to get on a policy that is active before Jan 1st so we can avoid the new costs incurred with the regulations that impact policies that start in 2014. It’s worth my time since it will save us at least $2400 this year.

Audrey has been working on words with “oo” in them. Lots of fun to figure out which ones have a sound like “spoon” and which ones make a sound like “book”.

That’s about all the excitement I can take for today 🙂

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Today is Nathan’s birthday!

I filled the house with balloons yesterday.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_0402.JPG” ]


[pe2-image src=”–4ous75GeyM/Un5hnbmtS3I/AAAAAAAAzKU/Kg8lDGCgVQ8/s144-o/IMG_0390.JPG” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_0390.JPG” ]

 We ate cake, sang happy birthday and bought him two new board games that the whole family will enjoy:

Mice and Mystics

Sleeping Queens

It makes me happy that Nathan wanted these particular games because he thought they would be games that his kids would enjoy too!

Last night we went on a DATE! This doesn’t happen often. So, we were pretty excited. We met up with another couple and had a great evening.

Tonight, Nathan is hanging out with some friends from work. He would have stayed home if I asked, but he seldom does this kind of thing and I am confident that it will be an awesome way to finish his birthday.

Christmas Came Early!

MN got snow last night and the Fritz kids received a package in the mail from Uncle Justin and Aunt Kylene!

It had something perfect for each child. Ethan is devouring the book. Isaac is happily reunited with Elephanty (the elephant he left at the family reunion lodge that Kylene picked up for us) and thrilled to have a little monster friend for Elephanty.  Audrey took the Pinky Pie My Little Pony bubble blower outside and put it to good use. It is currently sitting on the shelf in Audrey’s room.

Thank you!