Packing, Lists, Car Drama

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I started out yesterday with lots of stuff to do. The hours are ticking away until we leave for the tour of family reunions 2014.

Added to the excitement was the fact that we had no working brakes on the van. Nathan was able to replace the brakes in the car and in the front of the van, but the rear brakes required a  special tool and he got stuck mid project. No van for me yesterday.

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 Thankfully, we have AAA and we could get a free tow to a mechanic to finish the brakes. But, they were not done until this morning. No van to pack until the van was done being worked on. Also, it’s tutorial day for Ethan and I have to drop Max off at the dogsitter’s and I have to pick up Nathan at work before we leave.

And it’s 1 million degrees out. Give or take a few degrees.

I conquered most of the list:

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Now to have lunch with Ethan, do the dog drop off, pick up Nathan, pick up Ethan and pack the van.

Praying for safe and uneventful travels!

I Like Them

I can’t believe these three are mine.


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 They make life fun!

A Report on Ethan’s First Day At Tutorial

Thursday morning came this week and Ethan wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t think it was nerves about school, but I couldn’t tell for sure if he just had a cold or something that should keep him home. I was disappointed when we agreed that he should probably stay home. I messaged his tutorial teachers. 10 minutes later Ethan said he thought he was feeling ok. What? Ack! Only 15 minutes to go until we are supposed to be checking in for the day. It’s a 10 minute drive to get there.

Everyone quickly put on their shoes. Miraculously, we made it in time! Audrey and I had packed his backpack the day before. She had even written a note and put it in his planner.

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 Sorry that it’s sideways and hard to read. It says, “Made by Audrey. Have a fun time at tutorial. You have everything you need.” On the back she had a picture of Ethan holding his backpack and yoga mat and Audrey drew herself waving at him.

It melted my heart. She had asked to help me pack his bag and was so serious about it.

After the family time of singing, scripture reading, pledge to the flag and devotion time, it was time to dismiss the kids to their first class. They called for Ethan’s class and I showed him where the teacher was standing and he went on his way. Audrey and Isaac and I stayed for a brief parent meeting and then we went home. The tutorial goes from 8:30-3:00 on Thursdays. At noon, the parents (usually moms) are supposed to return to have lunch with their kids. After watching Ethan walk off to his first class, I realized that I wasn’t sure what class he had right before lunch. That presented a bit of a problem in meeting up with him. After wandering a little, we found him finishing up his typing class.

Lunch time was full of reports on how the first classes had went. All got thumbs up from Ethan. Thumbs WAY up. He had finished writing class, music, botany and typing. After lunch we left so he could finish his last two classes: TN History and Physical Fitness Challenge. At the end of the day, Ethan reported that is was awesome! He even talked me into getting them all chocolate shakes to celebrate.

Ethan and I both ended the day very, very tired.


Did I mention that we have accepted an offer on our MN house? Well, we have. It’s not really up to us though. The offer has to go to our mortgage company for approval. The potential buyer is doing an inspection on the 18th. If he still wants it after the inspection, we wait for the bank to make a decision. I’m kind of apathetic about it. I just don’t want to get my hopes up. My hopes are raised a little, but I’m feeling guarded.

Today I’m feeling on edge. I have some things on my mind and we’re dealing with another big change that is difficult and impacts all of us. It’s one of those necessary things that are always difficult, but there were some things that made it more difficult than it needed to be. I’m feeling sad about it. We’re in a “small” group at church that has become a “large” group and we need to make some changes to make everything work. We need to move to another group if the old one is going to be able to keep functioning. It’s not the kind of change I want since some of my very close friends are in that group, but someone has to be willing to leave. I told Ethan last night and he was so sad. I knew exactly how he felt. It’s not just my friends I wont see as much. It’s a whole group of his friends. It’s just yucky all around.

So, I’m feeling blue. I’m taking my depression meds, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the hard stuff go away.


Reading and Libraries

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I thought I would post a photo of a page from a story Audrey read to me last week. She’s almost done with this level and will start the next level in a week. She is so excited because she gets to keep the  completed readers in her room.

Speaking of reading, the kids now have their own library cards. Ethan is working his way through some book on sea creatures. He has also been reading the books he borrowed from Uncle Justin. Audrey has a big stack of easy reader books. I think she has read through 5 of them. Isaac picked out some other books that I can’t think of right now. It’s so fun to have big stacks of books around. Every day we have a time where I read out loud to the three of them. We have worked through many of the Ramona books. We are now starting on the Boxcar Children.

Our library isn’t as big as the one in Franklin, but it’s still very nice. The kids can find what they like and the children’s area is fabulous. They also have special events going on all the time and 99% of the time it is free. So, I happily pay my fines for returning books late. I consider it a service to the library 🙂

Enjoying The Pool While It’s Open

The outdoor pool will only be open for a little longer. Today we decided to take advantage of the hot day and spend the morning at the pool. It is a little crazy to me that the pools in the south don’t stay open for a longer season than they do in the north, but I guess it has to do with lifeguard availability.

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 It is a hot and humid day. 91 degrees at 1:00pm. I’m guessing that means it will get a few degrees warmer before the end of today.

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 After our morning fun, the kids are playing nicely with each other upstairs. They probably think if they leave me alone that I’ll forget about having them work on some school work. Sneaky kids.

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There is still plenty of time to do reading, math and language arts. Tomorrow is the open house for the tutorial. Ethan is very excited. It’s going to be a great school year. Why not kick it off with a field trip to the pool? Lucky kids!

Isaac Thinks He is Sneaky

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 He thinks this is a great hiding place. He’s supposed to be in bed, but he is camping out on the stairs for a while.

Home After A LOT of Driving

1000 miles of driving in the last three days. That’s a lot of driving.

And now we are all home together. At least we were. It lasted for about an hour. And then my most awesome husband went over to a friends’ house to watch their boys so that the mom and dad could go to the hospital and have a baby tonight. Hopefully it’s not a false alarm. With their last baby, when they were sent home for “false labor”, she had the baby at home 🙂

Anyway, back to the kids. They had a fabulous time with Kylene and Justin. None of them really wanted to come home. Audrey started getting sad last night and was crying this morning. Isaac kept telling me he was sad as we were driving home today and, tonight, Ethan started sobbing because he would never have another week like the one he just had. 🙁  They were all very happy to see their dad and Max. Max seems content to know that everyone is accounted for.

Tomorrow we start counting down to the next trip– Iowa and Minnesota in just a few weeks!