Random Update on Us

It’s a Monday morning and it’s been a while since I’ve posted. So, I’m trying to think of some interesting things that have been happening to share with you. The kids are happily eating breakfast and hoping I don’t make them do any school work 🙂

*All three kids have been coughing. Isaac might have a little fever. Today may be a day of sitting and snuggling him, Poor me. 😉

*Nathan had his annual check-up at work. They do these instead of reviews. He continues to excel and love his work. On Friday, his team mates all told him what they appreciate about him. I think it makes me as encouraged as it makes him to hear what they had to say.

*The big, huge project that has sucked almost all of Nathan’s team into it has been beta launched and testing is beginning. Lots of bugs to work out still, but it’s a very exciting project. Nathan had a project for it that finished last week.


*I’ve started doing the Children Of The Day I&II Thessalonians Bible Study and it’s fabulous.

*We had friends over Friday night.

*Some friends invited us over to their place Saturday night.

*I’m totally in the “It’s dreary and winter and I don’t want to do anything” state of mind right now.

*It’s supposed to be two degrees warmer in St. Paul than in Spring Hill today.

Another Update On Our Short Sale Process

In case you’ve been wondering what is happening with our house, I thought I would update you. 🙂

As I mentioned previously, the person who had made an offer on our house at the end of the summer backed out. I don’t think he had any funds at all and when the bank didn’t agree to pay his closing costs, he decided he didn’t want the house. Thankfully, we do have a back-up offer. This person offered right after we accepted the other offer and is still interested in the house.

They did a walk-through again the other day and noticed that the heater wasn’t running. Uh oh. When I heard that, I was discouraged. I thought for sure it was going to be another expensive fix (that we were not going to do) and it would bring an end to this offer. But today we got good news. The only problem was that the thermostat needed a new battery. It has been fixed and the heater is running fine.

We signed an addendum to the initial offer acknowledging that this buyer wants out of his agreement if his offer isn’t approved by the bank by March 16.

So, now we wait and hope that the process doesn’t drag on too long.

Kindergarten Milestone

Isaac finished one of his workbooks today.

Look at this sweet face.



We’re so proud of his hard work! Shortly after I took this picture he came to me in tears. He thought that finishing the book meant that he didn’t get to see his friend Ziggy the Zebra anymore. Lucky for him, I had already planned to keep using Ziggy in his reading lessons. He was very relieved! Who would have thought a puppet would be such a hit with him.

Short Sale Update

Our buyer backed out. They didn’t like the bank’s counter offer. So, we move on to the back-up offer that we have. Apparently, they are still interested. Please pray with us that this goes quickly. The backup offer was the same as the counter offer the bank made to the first offer. This is quite a ride.

3 Years In Tennessee

Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of our arrival in TN. Today was Nathan’s work anniversary.

We continue to be so thankful for how things have worked out for us with our move. Lots and ups and downs, for sure. For the most part, once we arrived, we felt peaceful about being here. As we were celebrating this milestone today, we got word that the bank has finally reviewed the offer for our short sale and has made a counter offer that is very close to the buyer’s offer. I’m feeling hopeful that this chapter will be able to be closed once and for all soon. I’m not sure how long it takes to close after accepting an offer, but if we can get an agreement between the parties this next week, I think we’ll have the house sold by the end of February.  Wouldn’t that be awesome? What a long process it has been. Please keep praying that everything will come together.

Nathan used the last of his vacation for the year by taking a couple of half days this week. We love having him home! Now it’s time to start dreaming and planning and scheduling our vacations for 2015.

Welcome 2015!

2014 is done.

So many highlights and lowlights.

There were some really hard things that we went through. None of them were things that we predicted happening. I let some of it derail me.

It’s easy to mostly focus on the missed opportunities and unmet goals, but I want to focus on the highlights as I look back today.

  • Impromptu trip to Birmingham in January
  • Another spontaneous trip to meet up with Justin and Kylene in Chattanooga
  • Ethan had his first plane ride that he remembers
  • Audrey became a fluent reader
  • Ethan started going to tutorial
  • Family visited us here
  • We traveled to MN to see friends and family
  • We found a great therapist to help deal with OCD and ADHD
  • Isaac started Kindergarten. All three kids are “schooling” now!

I know there are things missing from the list. Today I’m feeling blessed and thankful. I’m optimistic about 2015.

I’ve made some goals. I want to read 24 books. I want to reach a certain level of funds for our Emergency Fund. I want to lose 25 lbs. I want to get up early so that I can be more productive. I want to come up with a better way to have the kids take more responsibility for jobs around the house.

I have more specific goals and plans of action worked out elsewhere. It’s a new year full of new and exciting possibilities. I hope you are feeling hopeful today as well.

p.s. For those of you dedicated readers who wonder, Ethan did stay up until midnight to welcome the new year. The other two did not last that long!

Happy New Year to our family and friends!