Blogging Hiatus

I read this article a few weeks ago: I re-read it this morning. It was such a powerful reminder about how important it is to invest time and energy on my private world.

Some people are great at not letting social media stuff distract or discourage them, but that’s not me right now. For me, right now, keeping blogs updated has added to my anxiety. So, I’m taking an indefinite break. It’s a busy season for us and I think it’s a good time to prune out some things that are energy zappers.

So, things are good right now. They are just busy. Some of these things are taking more energy than I thought they would! Stepping back from blogging isn’t a sign that things aren’t going well– I just wanted to assure anyone reading here that this isn’t because things are going badly.

If you’re really lucky, maybe Nathan will blog more 🙂 !!





The boys happily obliged when I asked them to scoot closer to each other for a photo 🙂

Meanwhile, Audrey was happily working on her vocabulary lesson.


I feel like I’ve been working on learning my own “lessons”. Life has been a bit unpredictable and I’ve been working at trying to stay calm and trust that things will work out. It takes concerted effort!

Nathan and I had a date tonight. Dave rented one of the movie theatre rooms so that the team members could see the movie War Room. We enjoyed it. The movie had a great message and it was fun to get out. The kids stayed with a friend and had a great night as well 🙂

Tomorrow, I start a new adventure of teaching the preschool kids during the women’s Bible Study time on Wednesday mornings. It looks like that will be my role during this fall season. It’s kind of unexpected, but I’m looking forward to serving in this new-to-me capacity. We’ll see how worn out I am at the end 🙂

Working On My Weight

After having pretty good success with losing weight in April, I went back to my old eating habits and gained much of it back.

On August 9th, I decided to start really working on my weight again. I had been feeling tired and out of shape and unhealthy. I was up 14 lbs from the weight I was when we moved to TN and 27 lbs from the weight where I feel good about myself.

I’ve worked really hard and been able to stick with it for a little over 4 weeks now and have lost 9.8 lbs. Of course, the weeks where I had the biggest loss were the first two weeks. It’s slowed considerably since to about  1 lb a week.  I have about 17 lbs to go.

Here are my “before” and “during” photos.



These are not the best photos, but they will do :-). The first one was around the time I started and the second one was taken August 26 (two weeks ago). I’m down a few more pounds since, but I don’t have a new photo right now. I can feel and see a difference. Some of the picture difference is due to the fact that in the second photo, I’m actually wearing a more fitted t-shirt. It is nice to see a distinction between my chest and my stomach in the photos.

I would love to be at my goal weight by New Year’s. I’m not sure how realistic that is with the holidays in there. I feel motivated though.

The Great Wardrobe Clean-Out

My friend, Lydia, posted about how she had been reading about “capsule” wardrobes and how that inspired her to go through her clothes and get rid of a bunch of stuff.

The idea behind it is that you get rid of the clothes that don’t flatter your figure, or you have too many of, or don’t really go with anything. This enables you to actually see the clothes that are left- the ones that you love.  You spend less time looking through a huge pile of clothes wondering why you have nothing to wear. You should also only keep items that you can use multiple ways. The more ways you can mix and match your items, the less you need and more options you end up with.

Here is a capsule of 12 items that you could wear 22 different ways.

Business casual capsule.

Here is one with just 12 items and lots of different ways to pair them.

So, Lydia posted about it and then she posted again about how she helped her husband with his clothes. Immediately, I closed my browser and went upstairs to my room and pulled out all my clothes. I ended up with an overflowing laundry basket of clothes to get rid of.


I am not one to actually have tons of clothes, but I had ended up with a bunch of things I didn’t ever wear or were old and I wasn’t going to wear anymore. I had a huge collection of 5k race tshirts, VBS volunteer shirts, and several dresses that didn’t fit or flatter me. I also had a bunch of pairs of jeans that didn’t fit. I also had some cute items that I had picked up, but even though they are more current trends, they don’t look good on me. My body shape does not love the current fashion era or big, flowy shirts and skinny jeans. They emphasize the parts of me that I don’t want to emphasize.

This is what is currently hanging in my closet:


 I have my t-shirts, shorts, and jeans in my dresser.  It feel so good to have all of the extra stuff cleaned out!


Some Days You Just Don’t Want To Be An Adult

This morning, I was doing some good responsible things that I had put off. And then I got home and found a pinecone on the ground that was moving.


On closer look, I discovered it had a little worm sticking out the end of it. I guess they make their homes out of whatever they find. So, I decided to check with Google. Verdict: Bagworms. At apparently they are a bad thing to have. So, I went back outside to look to see how many there were. They are all over our pine tree by the front door and they are in the shrubs there too. While I was figuring out that we actually have to remove them one by one from the bushes and tree and hope the damage isn’t too bad, the Fed Ex truck arrived.

Our paperwork for the Deed In Lieu has finally arrived. I was happy and I was/am sad and still unsure of how it will all work out. I have a number of an attorney that can hopefully help us figure out the paperwork and ensure that we aren’t perjuring ourselves. We have to sign paperwork that says that the house has not been damaged by fire, tornado, flood. . . And we have no idea what the condition of the house is. And we can’t guarantee what the condition of the house will be tomorrow. If it rains a lot, it will flood. So, what exactly do we say? The bank has already received paperwork from us documenting all of that, but they still sent us the standard form that everyone gets for a Deed In Lieu.

It feels like a nightmare that will never end. Every question we have needed resolved has taken a month or longer to be answered. It’s just hitting me that signing these papers isn’t the end yet. In fact, they can still decide that they wont allow the DIL and we would have to foreclose. And all of this could have been avoided if we had decided to pursue a short sale when we originally moved. We thought we were doing the honorable thing by trying to rent it while waiting for the market to get better.

And I need to be teaching the kids right now, but hitting a point with Isaac where I think I need to contact the local school district to set up a speech evaluation to make sure that I’m not missing anything. I’m just not in a position to figure out how to do speech therapy  myself. I need to figure out if he’s dealing with age appropriate stuff or if we need some intervention.

Do you ever feel like everything is difficult at the same time? Some days being an adult stinks.