Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a busy Mother’s Day weekend.

The kids had their last Bible Bowl Round Robin of the year. Ethan’s team took 1st for the day (they were undefeated). Audrey’s took 2nd and she also took 2nd individually for a special competition they do at the beginning of the day. And then, overall, for the year, Ethan’s team took 2nd place! We were pretty happy with the outcome!



Yesterday, everyone spoiled me with breakfast, and nice long nap and some new flowers.


I’m thankful for all the great mothers that God has placed in my life. I feel like I’ve had so many wonderful examples and women willing to mentor me. So thankful that I get to be the mom to my three kids.


I started getting sick a few days ago πŸ™ The last couple of days, a sinus infection (or maybe just a cold) has been making me feel miserable. I’m resting today and hoping it passes soon. My head hurts, face hurts, sinuses hurt, ears hurt. . . Β It’s crazy how a cold can make you feel so icky.

Photos from Ethan’s 11th Birthday


We had visitors for Ethan’s birthday. His TENNESSEE grandparents visited πŸ™‚


We’re pretty excited that Nana and Bumpa could visit. We’re still wrapping our heads around the idea that they live only 5 1/2 hours away. It feels like we should be able to pop over there for an afternoon πŸ™‚ Compared to the previous drive, it’s short, but still not a there-and-back- in one day thing.

And if you wondered, this is the look of a boy shocked that he got a plasma globe that we warned him was highly unlikely!






Happenings In The Last Month


I have not been awesome at posting lately!

So, here’s what up in Tennessee:

*The weather is rainy today, but recently it has felt like summer. In fact, we already went to a friend’s house for a pool day once! That’s so crazy for me to wrap my head around. How does this happen in April??

*Ethan turned 11!!! He had the best day. He got to eat his favorite foods, received amazing presents, and enjoyed a visit from his grandparents. I have photos on the camera or other computer. Β I’ll have to post them eventually.

*We have finished our official school year. Wednesday, last week, was our 180th day!

*Today is May 2nd. On June 2nd, I will turn 40. Yikes!

*We bought a new dryer. Our old one stopped working. Our new one isn’t fancy, but it does dry the clothes after just once cycle. That’s pretty cool. The old one stopped running, altogether.

*We planted flowers in our flower beds. We need a few more and some mulch and it will look fabulous. That would be a nice Mother’s Day gift. πŸ™‚

I have high hopes of doing a better job at blogging in May!