Wrapping Up July & Moving Along To August


The most exciting thing I have not written about yet is that Audrey got to spend a week (Monday – Friday 9:00-3:00) at a horse camp. They got to help feed the horses, get them ready, ride them, learn about the farm and ended each day with some time in their pool. This was pretty much a dream come true for Audrey. She loves horses. She didn’t care that is was 90 degrees and she had to stand outside in long pants. That’s how much she loves horses 🙂


We would drive to Franklin and drop her off each morning. She didn’t care that she didn’t know any other people that were going to be there. Audrey might be quiet, but she is not afraid to try something new. I admire that!


It was a great end to our time off from school. August is “back to school” time for us. Our kids started their first day of school last Monday! It took a few days to get our rhythm figured out. It’s difficult to teach three different grades of kids. I’m ping-ponging from Tennessee History, to Astronomy, to 2nd grade phonics, to Flying Creatures, to 4th grade Math. I’m thankful Ethan doesn’t need me too much.