Trip To The Zoo

Saturday was the day that the technology team at Nathan’s workplace took everyone to the zoo!

I wondered if it would actually happen because it coincided with the “great Tennessee gas panic” and we only had 100 miles left in the van. I got up early on Saturday and found gas and only had to wait behind one person.



Safely fueled, we made our way to the zoo. We brought our umbrellas because we heard it was supposed to rain on and off through the day. Sure enough. It rained. And rained. And rained some more. We walked over to the barn to see the cows while we waited for the rain to let up a bit.



Later the kids had their faces painted.



Because of the rain, we didn’t stay too long after they fed us lunch. We made our way to the reptile building. We looked at lots of disgusting snakes, spiders, and other critters.

I’m pretty sure I took a nap when we got home. 🙂 That’s what rainy Saturdays are for, right?


Thursdays remind me that I am weak 🙂 Even though we are 6 weeks into this school year and every Thursday we have the same routine at our tutorial, I still finish out the day completely exhausted.

This was today’s schedule:

5:45- Get up and shower and get dressed.

6:30- Kids get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, finish packing their bags.

7:30- Leave the house and head to WalMart because I don’t have anything for lunches for the kids.

8:00- Arrive at the church where we have our tutorial and bring all the supplies in for the class I’m teaching at the end of the day.

8:15- Teacher meeting.

8:30- Tutorial opening program

9:00- Help get the 1st graders to class and assist the teacher for the next two hours.

11:05- Send the 1st graders to their next class and welcome the 2nd graders to our class. I now assist a different teacher with the 2nd grade class.

12:05- Gather Ethan, Audrey & Isaac and walk out to the van and drive across the street to a park for lunch. A bunch of our friends are there. We hang out with friends and eat. It’s 90 degrees and I’m dripping sweat 🙂

12:45- Drive back to the church and get the kids to their classes.

1:00- Assist in the teacher with one more hour of 2nd grade.

2:05- Get the 2nd graders to their final class of the day and head to the class I’m subbing for today.

2:06- Teach Lego, More to Math to 11 kids in 1st and 2nd grade.

3:05- Kids get picked up by their parents and I tear down the classroom. Fold up 4 tables and bring them upstairs to the storage closet. Go downstairs and vacuum the classroom and set it up for Sunday school.

3:30- Wrangle my own kids and the Lego Math supplies and head home.

3:50- Get in the door and sit down and don’t get up again. Everyone is on their own because I’m toast.


I do not know how teachers do this all day every day!

Well, Hello There, September!

It’s September! The month of school starting (except for this area starts in August) and everything else starting.

We’re a month into our tutorial for homeschool. Ethan is taking History, Anatomy, Composition, Geography and Engineering Crash Helmets. Audrey is taking Science (Flying Creatures), Tennesse History (and the textbook is so bad…. it’s slowly killing us), Composition, Brain Games, and Girl’s Book Club. Isaac is taking Astronomy, Fine Arts, PE, Cantering the Country (US Geography/History), and Lego Math.

We’re also doing Math, Language Arts, and Reading on our own.

Ethan starts STEM Scouts tomorrow. This will be his second year.

All three of the kids are doing Bible Bowl this year. Ethan moved up to the higher level and Audrey & Isaac are in the beginner level.

Isaac also has speech therapy on Monday afternoons. We skipped today because it was grandparents day and the speech teacher told us there would be an extra 600 people on the school campus. 🙂




Nathan and I just started watching through Murder, She Wrote on Netflix. Nathan has never seen it before! It’s so delightful. Jessica Fletcher has the most snazzy running outfits and says things like “Fiddle, Faddle”. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun show to watch.

Happy Fall, everyone!