Bible Bowl Weekend

It’s Monday morning, post-Bible Bowl tournament weekend. I’m so tired and considering quitting everything I ever signed up to do. I should probably never make decisions when I’m feeling this tired!


We actually had a really good time. I was so proud of Isaac and Audrey! They did so well and were so well-behaved and kind. Ethan was at home with Nathan because he is in the big Bowl program now and this trip was for the beginners. Ethan had his own tournament in Franklin. Their team was undefeated for the day and they had a great time!


Audrey, Isaac and a bunch of other kids, coaches and parents went to Louisville and competed with 39 other teams, stayed in a hotel, went swimming, played at the Renaissance Fun Park (arcade, mini golf, go carts. . .) and participated in Southeast Christian’s Kidway worship service. It was Audrey’s second time and Isaac’s first time. They are already planning to go back next year!

It is a long weekend for the kids though. We always have a point where the kids sort of lose steam and get a little crazy. The other sponsors/coaches and I decided to re-enact what the kids do: