Yay! I can middle click again!

I love my Logitech Cordless Wave keyboard. Almost as much as I love the Das Keyboard Model S Pro I use at work. (Thank you Crown for letting me keep it!)

But, sadly, the mouse that goes with my wave keyboard had lost the ability to middle click.

This morning, I was researching gVIM plugins, because that’s how I roll when my family’s away at reunion. (Well that and this, I suppose…) Anyway, this involved a lot of opening new tabs, which my hand tries to do automatically by middle-clicking. This poor mouse had been slowly middle-clicking worse and worse until today, it was only working one out of every 10 tries or so…it was very frustrating!

Yesterday, I got my father’s day gift from Amy and the kids. I’m forbidden from opening the envelopes that say “open on Sunday”, “open on Monday”, etc., but I was allowed to open my main present (Amy knows I don’t do waiting well…) It was an awesome t-shirt and permission to buy myself something nice for $10!

Well, $10 isn’t quite enough to go out and buy myself a new mouse, but it WAS enough to go and buy a soldering iron. Between that and the $4 of my blow money I threw in on my own, I had enough to buy the soldering iron and some nice, thin solder.

I came home, desoldered the broken switch I had found inside the mouse and soldered in a new one that I had in my salvaged parts bin. Unfortunately, this led to another problem since my new switch was about an eighth of an inch taller than the original, so a small plastic peg on the plastic enclosure no longer fit correctly. One trip to the tool closet out back and a minute of loud whirring noise and I and my trusty not-dremmel rotary tool were able to relieve that peg of it’s unneeded extra height…

Of course, at this point I had no idea if I had hosed the mouse by dinking around where I didn’t belong, but, I had a spare wireless mouse upstairs that I could have switched to if I had to (I just like this one better, so it’s worth the work to try to fix it!)

Lo and behold, after screwing it all back together it still works and I have a functioning middle click. And it’s a bit heftier button, to boot!

All told, a fun way to spend my morning. Thanks for the awesome presents, Amy, Ethan, Audrey and Isaac!

Not Too Late

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been successful with New Year’s resolutions. Most of them, I had given up on by this point in the year.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by reading the “Finish Year” posts on Jon Acuff’s blog. Every week he gives an update on Sunday of how he is doing on specific goals. I’m going to jump on that bandwagon almost  1/3 of the way through the year. Why? Because I’m not giving up on the last 8 months of 2012.
Hour Glass

(photo credit)

This is what I want to accomplish by the end of  2012.

  1. Have people over for dinner 9 times.
  2. Plan a fun event for the kids weekly.
  3. Track all the food that I eat at least 4 out of 7 days a week.
  4. Find/Make and follow a housekeeping schedule.
  5. Memorize the book of James (include kids in this if possible).
  6. Read 10 books.

There are other things I would like to accomplish and that I may or may not do, but I thought I would limit this list to specific things that are easy to measure. What’s on your list?

Apple Blossom 5k

A few months ago, I was feeling hopeful about my knee/hip pain and I registered Nathan and I for a race. As the date got closer, it became apparent that I would not be able to do the 10k that I had signed up for. I was able to switch my registration so that I could run the 5k instead. Nathan was already doing the 5k. I was disappointed to not be ready for a 10k, but happy to do another race with Nathan.

I’ve had good and bad days with my injury. I certainly had not been able to train for this race like I would have hoped. I didn’t want to really mess up my IT Band so I decided to do intervals of running and walking for the race and hope for the best. I hoped to do a 10:00 minute mile pace. Nathan’s goal was to do a 12:00  minute mile pace. I wasn’t so sure that my goal was realistic since averaging that pace would mean running faster than that during my running intervals since I was planning to take walk breaks. Nathan didn’t do much training AT ALL 🙂

So, today was the big day! It was a chilly morning and I was happy to find my running jacket in the car. As we started running, Nathan stayed with me for a while until I told him how fast he was running. At that point, he decided to slow down and save some energy for later! I took my walk breaks and they ended up being more frequent than I was hoping, but I didn’t want to really hurt myself and I could feel the muscles tightening. I finished mile 1 in 10:04, mile 2 in 9:51, mile 3 in 9:44 and the last .12 miles with a pace of 8:11. I was very pleased with myself!  I had a finish time of 30:40 on my watch. My overall pace was 9:49 and that was with 8 walk breaks!

After I finished, I watched for Nathan. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he crossed the finish line at 37:14. He beat his goal for the race and hardly trained at all! I was pretty amazed!

We have a nice little collection of race shirts now!

New Year’s Goals Update

I did a post at the beginning of the year about my goals for 2011. You can find it here if you want to see it!

Here’s how I’m doing so far-

1. Finances.

11 days into the this year (oh, wow, is it 1/11/11 today? Woot!), we’re staying on track with our budget. It’s a little harder in January. We get paid monthly, but Nathan gets his check early in December. That means we go more than a month between paychecks. It should all work out in the end because we get the same amount of money in a two month time frame. I also made sure to keep this in mind last month when our salary came in 10 days before we usually get it. I kept a watch on our expenses to not tap into that until our normal pay day last month. Having a specific plan has already saved us money. Nathan is making less trips to the bookstore at work to buy things because he knows that it will count against his “play” money which he would rather use for electronics! We’ve also decided against going out to eat a couple of times because we want to save our “dining out” money for another time. And I am determined that McDonalds will be getting much less money from us this year. Last year’s amount was ridiculous.

2. Date night.

We had our Jan. date night last night. It was a planning meeting with some couples from church, but I’m counting it as our date night since we got a babysitter and had a fancy dinner and adult conversation at a lovely home.

3. Cut out eating after 7:00pm

I have done fabulously with this one! Last night was the only exception and that was out of my control because dinner didn’t start until 7:00. I’m positive that I’ve saved myself a ton of calories by sticking with this. I actually lost weight last week! (er…. RE-lost weight… sigh)


I only did 1 mile last week. It’s been too cold to be outside and our treadmill is awful. I’m not giving up on my goal for 600 miles for the year though. I did the 30 Day Shred today for my cardio.

5.Memory verses

I did 2 verses last week.

6.Write a family mission statement.

Not done yet.

2010 Chaska Turkey Trot, Part I

It snowed. A lot. Not just a little dusting, but heavy, wet snow and a nice strong wind from the north.

Nathan and I decided to head out a little early because of the snow. Marie had convinced her husband to drive her so she wouldn’t have to drive in the snow. As we pulled out of the driveway and had trouble making it up our little dead-end road, I started to wonder if this might be a bad idea. I changed my goal for the day to actually run the race without falling on my behind.

2 miles down the road, I was re-evaluating my goals again and calling Marie to see where she was and to tell her that the roads were bad. We kept going. Nathan increased our speed a little on Hwy 7 (up to a whopping 35-40 mph) and we immediately started sliding and ended up spinning around and facing the opposite direction on the highway. I prayed for our lives and we ended up safe- no cars around and we weren’t in the ditch.

There were more calls back and forth and Marie decided that she needed to be able to drive home to her kids this afternoon and with 10 inches of snow coming, we didn’t anticipate that the roads would be getting better. We opted to keep going east and because we needed to get to our own kids in Cottage Grove. Because we would be going the direction of Chaska anyway, we decided that if we could make it there in time and still drive very slowly and safely, Nathan and I would run the race together.

We arrived at the destination in one piece! Yeah! We got out of the van and into the elements and I knew beyond a doubt that we were insane. We picked up our packets of goodies and our t-shirts and killed a little time wandering around the school for a little while.

(stay tuned for Nathan’s account of the race itself!)

Project Life Update

It’s been a while since I did an update on my Project Life album. I’ve had some very successful weeks and months when it comes to keeping up with taking a photo every day. I’ve also had some dismal failures where I don’t think I took any photos all week. I’m horribly behind on my journaling, but I’m almost up to date with ordering my photos and putting them in the album.

Looking through the completed pages gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment. One of the huge drawbacks with scrapbooking is that you can get very behind when it comes to putting photos in albums. It can be overwhelming. What I love about Project Life is that it incorporates the best parts of scrapbooking (journaling and eye catching pages) while eliminating the worst parts (not having the right supplies when you want them, feeling like every page needs to be a masterpiece, . . .) so you can get your photos into a place where you can enjoy them before they are 10 years old!

Early on, I gave myself permission not to have to take a photo every single day. It made the project more enjoyable. I try to get 7 photos a week that tell the story of what is going on with our family. Some times I take all those photos in one day because I want to highlight a specific event. The result has been that I have a current album that I can look through RIGHT NOW that documents the last 10 months (I started in Oct.). It has been a great investment!

Nathan is out doing his 5 mile run

I learned my lesson from the last time. I set the timer for how long I think it will take him and I’m planning to send a search party if he is late!

I did my 5 miles this morning. It was so nice out. The sun was just coming up and it was a little cool. I could definitely feel fall in the air. I even noticed that the sumac on the trail is starting to turn red. I suppose it is the end of August. I just can’t believe our summer is basically over. Today was a speed work day for me. I did 1 mile warm up and then I had a goal of running a mile at 9:28 followed by a half mile recovery and then another mile at 9:28 followed by another half mile recovery. Then I finish off with a cool down mile. Instead of hitting 9:28 I actually finished in 9:16 and 9:14. Not bad!

I just checked the timer and it looks like Nathan should be back in about 20 minutes!

A very late race post

Through a bizarre sequence of accidents, I locked myself out of the blog until yesterday, when I finally took the time to get myself back in 🙂

So, here’s my brief, belated blog boast.

I finished the race faster than Amy predicted. I averaged 11:20 miles for a total time of 34:59. There’s nothing like a clock ticking up to xx:59 to get your adrenaline pumping. I kept speeding up over the last block, ending in a near-spring, just so I could claim a speed faster than 35 minutes (even if only by 1 second).

I’m still not loving running, but I am getting to really enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get from doing it.

Unfortunately, probably because they were tired and sore, I tweaked a muscle in my back over the weekend and have been hesitant to run until it’s on the mend. But, since I cut a whopping 5 minutes off my last time, I figure taking a week off won’t hurt me much…

I started a new tracking sheet, though, aiming for mid November. The new goal is to run 125 miles and bike 250 miles by that time. We’ll see if I can keep on this roll. It’ll get harder as work gets busier, but running or biking is a nice escape from work.

Running Update

I thought I would work on a post about running and my diet progress while I’m uploading photos to photobucket so you can see the farm photos. I don’t know why they aren’t working from Picasa, but sometimes it doesn’t work right. Oh well.

I’m up to 193.6 miles for the year. I’m actually quite a bit behind my lofty goal I had set at the beginning of the year. I still feel good about my progress though. On Friday last week, I got up and I ran 6 miles. It took me 1 hour, 13 minutes and 50 seconds. It wasn’t setting speed records, but I was proud of my accomplishment. I ran for 6 miles. Less than a year ago, I couldn’t even run a quarter mile. Now I can run for over an hour without stopping! When I set out on Friday, I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go. I took a route that went all sorts of crazy ways, but since I was wearing my Garmin I didn’t have to worry that I would have to remember every street because it calculates and maps everything for me. There was a point when I turned down one of the country roads that I thought to myself, “What have I done? I’m way too far from home!” I was sort of committed to doing the distance at that point. I suppose I could have walked home if I ran out of steam, but I had to get back in time for Nathan to get ready and leave for work on time.

I’ve decided to ramp up my running a little as I prepare for the 5k in August. I have 7 weeks. Nathan is going to run again too and he’s planning to take his training a little more seriously this time.

My weigh-in on Friday was good. I was down .4 lbs. That puts me a little more than 16 pounds from my initial goal and I’m half pound from being done re-losing weight I already lost. Even more amazing was that I managed to control my eating over the weekend after my weigh-in. I have a terrible habit of eating a lot on Friday and Saturday (and sometimes Sunday!). I didn’t do that this week. Yeah for me! I did have a high calorie day today though. I’m putting that behind me though. I’m ready for another good week. We have a family reunion coming up this weekend and I’m sure it will be more difficult to eat healthy with travel factored in. I want to have some good days before we go.

Looks like my photos are ready to add to the previous post. I’m off to bed soon since I have a run scheduled for early tomorrow morning.