Bible Bowl Weekend

It’s Monday morning, post-Bible Bowl tournament weekend. I’m so tired and considering quitting everything I ever signed up to do. I should probably never make decisions when I’m feeling this tired!


We actually had a really good time. I was so proud of Isaac and Audrey! They did so well and were so well-behaved and kind. Ethan was at home with Nathan because he is in the big Bowl program now and this trip was for the beginners. Ethan had his own tournament in Franklin. Their team was undefeated for the day and they had a great time!


Audrey, Isaac and a bunch of other kids, coaches and parents went to Louisville and competed with 39 other teams, stayed in a hotel, went swimming, played at the Renaissance Fun Park (arcade, mini golf, go carts. . .) and participated in Southeast Christian’s Kidway worship service. It was Audrey’s second time and Isaac’s first time. They are already planning to go back next year!

It is a long weekend for the kids though. We always have a point where the kids sort of lose steam and get a little crazy. The other sponsors/coaches and I decided to re-enact what the kids do:






Thursdays remind me that I am weak πŸ™‚ Even though we are 6 weeks into this school year and every Thursday we have the same routine at our tutorial, I still finish out the day completely exhausted.

This was today’s schedule:

5:45- Get up and shower and get dressed.

6:30- Kids get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, finish packing their bags.

7:30- Leave the house and head to WalMart because I don’t have anything for lunches for the kids.

8:00- Arrive at the church where we have our tutorial and bring all the supplies in for the class I’m teaching at the end of the day.

8:15- Teacher meeting.

8:30- Tutorial opening program

9:00- Help get the 1st graders to class and assist the teacher for the next two hours.

11:05- Send the 1st graders to their next class and welcome the 2nd graders to our class. I now assist a different teacher with the 2nd grade class.

12:05- Gather Ethan, Audrey & Isaac and walk out to the van and drive across the street to a park for lunch. A bunch of our friends are there. We hang out with friends and eat. It’s 90 degrees and I’m dripping sweat πŸ™‚

12:45- Drive back to the church and get the kids to their classes.

1:00- Assist in the teacher with one more hour of 2nd grade.

2:05- Get the 2nd graders to their final class of the day and head to the class I’m subbing for today.

2:06- Teach Lego, More to Math to 11 kids in 1st and 2nd grade.

3:05- Kids get picked up by their parents and I tear down the classroom. Fold up 4 tables and bring them upstairs to the storage closet. Go downstairs and vacuum the classroom and set it up for Sunday school.

3:30- Wrangle my own kids and the Lego Math supplies and head home.

3:50- Get in the door and sit down and don’t get up again. Everyone is on their own because I’m toast.


I do not know how teachers do this all day every day!

Early Morning Running

For the last several years, I’ve toyed with the idea of joining a running group here in Spring Hill. I always talked myself out of it because I’m not able to go very fast and I need to take walk breaks.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the members of the running group decided to work a little harder at recruiting people. He had taken time off running and was coming back to it and said he was also slow and doing run/walk intervals. A friend of mine decided to join the group. She was also running intervals. So, I thought it over and figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out.

The drawback was that they did their running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 4:45. Whoa! That’s a little earlier than I get up for the day. But, they go early to beat the heat and to get it done in time to get ready for people to head off to work. I joined them last week and had a good time! I ran on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (we did 6:00 on Saturday). I missed Tuesday this week, but I did run today and I’m planning to run Saturday before we leave for Atlanta.

I’m slow, but I’m doing it!

6/21- 2.7 miles, 37:00

6/23 – 2.5 miles, 35:01

6/25- 4 miles, 54:49

6/28- 2.1 miles, 30:01

6/30- 2.7 miles, 34:59

Good Coffee & Morning Rhythms


Daylight saving time has me dragging a little. After a week full of fun with Brian and Missy, this morning, I’m recovering by embracing my normal Monday morning routine. Coffee with my favorite creamer. Scrambled eggs cooked in a touch of melted better. 2 pieces of bacon. The coup de grace is that that cooked pieces of bacon sit on top of my eggs for just a minute while I start on my coffee. Now my plain, Monday morning eggs taste like bacon.

I really do like my every day, normal life.

Today we have school work, speech therapy, and a chiropractor appointment. I hoping to get extra work done today because tomorrow’s weather will be gorgeous and I’m going to want to be outside!

Happy Daylight Saving season πŸ™‚

Ready For A Busy Week!

We’re gearing up for a busy week! Now that I think of it, maybe it’s next week that will be busy?

Ethan, Audrey and I are leaving to go to Louisville, KY on Friday afternoon. They will be competing, along with some other kids from our church, in the Main Game Beginner Bible Bowl event. We travel Friday, will check into the hotel and get settled. Then on Saturday morning we quiz against all the teams in our division. In the afternoon, we go to Hometown Buffet (sort of like Golden Corral) and then to Renaissance Fun Park (like Chuck E Cheese only it has go carts and lazer tag). We’ll attend the Saturday evening church service at Southeast Christian Church. On Sunday, the kids will spend the day quizzing. We’ll be back home at bedtime that night. The kids are so excited!

We will be working really hard to prepare this week. Lots and lots of studying πŸ™‚

Next week will be our Spring Break. Brian and Missy will be visiting that week. That means we get to frantically clean and menu plan to give them a fabulous time while they are here. So many exciting things happening!!!

Speaking of exciting, our church recently bought land to relocate and the leadership families met for dinner last week and pledged 1.85 million toward debt we had to take out to purchase the property! Amazing!

Happy Monday to you all!



I Ran In The Cold!

It took all week for Ethan to feel better. I am feeling too timid to declare us all healthy, but it does seem that Ethan is better.

It was a strange week. We had several days of school being either closed or late starts. Those things impacted our schedules as well even though we don’t attend the public school. So many other things follow that schedule.

The exciting thing that I did this week was participating in the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k in Nashville. I’ve never run in a race that had so many people. Over 2700 ran the race. It was so very cold. I don’t think I ever ran in weather that cold in MN. The temperature at start time was 7 degrees. I’ve experience colder weather, but not while I was standing around outside waiting to run.

The race started at 7:00 am. That meant we needed to be there at 6:30. I rode with a friend and we left her house at 5:45. It was sooooo early. I felt a little like the Michelin Man all bundled up. I had three layers of pants and three layers of shirts and two layers of jackets. Ha! I also wore a hat and gloves. The coldest part of me was my hands.

I was so glad I hadn’t insisted on having my family there to cheer for me. It would have been miserable for them. I gave Nathan my tracking number to see online how I did. He was able to cheer for me from the comfort of our house.

I finished in 39:18. Then I went and claimed my hot chocolate and bowl of chocolate fondue and various things to dip in the fondue. It was totally frozen solid by the time I got back to the car. When I got home, I took a nap and refused to come out from under the covers for most of the rest of the day πŸ™‚

Today was a low-key day. I napped. Again. I’m noticing a pattern. Hmmmm. We didn’t really do anything special for Valentine’s Day. My sweetheart did do the dishes for me though and that is a great gift!


Not As Healthy As I Thought

Ethan has been taking out by “the bug which shall not be named”.

We don’t know what it is. Negative on the strep culture, but he does have some bacterial infection on his tonsils. Looks like just Isaac’s looked. He has a fever and has no appetite.

This morning, he was complaining that his throat hurt. I had him rest and still do some school. After some appointments this afternoon, I noticed he was seemed a little worse for wear and he had a fever. When Nathan came home, he took him to a local walk-in clinic. Ethan now has antibiotics and will hopefully be better soon.

I’m feeling a little paranoid about my own health! I not really surprised Ethan got it. He was very hands-on in taking care of Isaac. This is the price he pays for being a sweet big brother.

Nathan and I started teaching our new class yesterday. We teach the 5th graders now! These are chatty kids and so funny. We are going to really enjoy spending time with them.

Tennessee is rejoicing that Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl. He played college football for the University of TN. So, I guess that makes him a big deal around here πŸ™‚

And Winter Is Gone. Maybe. And My Crazy Day.

A week ago there was ice and snow on the ground and churches were cancelling their services for the following day.

Today it will be sunny and 62 degrees.

Remind me to never complain when it’s cold here!

We had a busy week. One of those weeks where everything is packed together and you’ve over committed yourself. And then thing go badly and you want to go back to having nothing on your calendar. One of THOSE weeks.

On Monday, I arrived at a meeting and discovered that I was supposed to know things and be responsible for things that I had not been told about previously. I felt put on the spot and foolish. I ended that meeting to pick up the kids and things had not gone great. Some of it was my kids choices. Some of it was that I had not communicated regarding my expectations. Some of it was other people’s kids. Being a parent opens your eyes to the problem that is “other people’s kids”. This is a real thing. Other people don’t have the same expectations for their kids that you do. Did you know that? You probably did. It can be so very difficult when navigating adult friendships with wildly different parenting styles. Soooooo, I left that appointment feeling tightly wound and irritated.

We went straight to a lunch meeting. At a coffee shop. In a little, tiny room. Kids were also invited to come along with their moms. Too many kids. Too many people. Too small of a space. And I was already on edge. Ethan, Audrey and Isaac were great, but I felt stressed already. We were packed like sardines and there was lots of talking and it was more than a little chaotic. We left as quickly as possible when it was over.

And went to another appointment. It wasn’t really a traditional appointment. I just needed to swing by the church where our tutorial meets and pick up some books from the director. She had forgotten these books every week for the previous three weeks and she said she would have them with her and we could come by anytime between 9 and 2.

We tracked her down and she had forgotten the books at home. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. It was not her fault that rest of my morningΒ had been crazy. I came to the conclusion that God was telling me that my one and only purpose in life was to sit next to my children while they did their school work. Nothing else. Ever. πŸ™‚

I wrapped up the day with a hair appointment. When I arrived, my stylist was nowhere to be found. I know! I couldn’t have scripted a day like this. Thankfully, she was just down the hall and arrived a few minutes later.

The next day was packed full with tutorial followed by a meetup in the evening with some ladies who had decided to start a writer’s group. **gulp** Scary. I’ve decided to work on my writing and put myself out there. Terrifying. Exciting.

Now, it’s Saturday and I have a conference this morning followed by a time with some friends coming over this afternoon.

How was YOUR week?


We got snow last week!




School was cancelled Friday and it’s still cancelled today. I think most of the roads are fine, but there are some outer areas that are icy.

The kids have had so much fun with their makeshift sleds even though they don’t have proper snow gear. I did happen to have one pair of snow pants that fit Isaac. I assumed the odds of needing all that gear were approximately the same as winning the lottery. Oops.

Before the storm came, our local stores sold out of sleds! It was kind of funny to read about people trying to locate some for their kids. After years of living in a snowy area, I had no desire to be out in the snow, but the kids did not share my sentiment. They were ready to run outside at the first snowflakes.